Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Jack The Beanstalk

(9:05PM on 9/17/22)   I need to get to “Houston”, ‘Texas” and “Washington”. I should point out how I was saying and writing how Washington is in heaven and Washington is upon the earth. Texas to be exact.  I was saying this because I don’t know Washington these days, but I didn’t think Washington was seeming to be the way I perceived it to be from this lifetime and based on who I once was in past lives.  I believe I was John Adams, Davy Crockett, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt.  I was saying this when Donald Trump was in office. Nancy Pelosi’s voice in my head just said Donald Trump also perceived it to be different.  The way I perceived it; The United States of America was becoming the 4th Reich of America. When I spoke and wrote of where Washington was I say, “Texas to be exact,” because I believe former Presidents George H. W. Bush and President George W. Bush who live or once lived in Houston, Texas and Washington were once the first United States, President, George Washington. I did not think Washington was in D.C. until I called the Washington D.C. Police Department on Donald Trump one night.  After speaking to the officer about what this glycerin demon seeming to be Donald Trump was doing, I asked him, “What is your name officer?”  He replied, “Washington.”  I then knew that Washington was in D.C. after all.  The reincarnations of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Adolf Elizabeth Hitler with the support from Harriet  

Beecher Stowe’s reincarnation once met in Washington D.C.  I will be Grateful from the time I went until forever after I’m Dead. I still would like to get to Houston, Texas where I believe George W. Bush lives. In the past, his voice in my head has mentioned a Rangers Game.  I guess that’s in Arlington, Texas which would allow me to at least to also see Dallas, Texas.   

(5.:23PM on 6/17/22)   I am writing this on my brand-new ASUS Computer I felt I had to buy. My less than 1 year old HP Computer has been so abused by so many that I wasn't sure what I was going to use over the weekend to finish editing to this already published blog.   When I got home, I saw the computer I reset for the 10th or more time now works and seems to be running good.  It is so frustrating that "they" continue to disrupt and delete everything I do.  They do so on the computer, in my world and to my physical and mental health, I was fortunate to find an ASUS Computer at Best Buy that listed for $249.00 or $109.00.  So far, I am happy with it.  I wondered if I should buy two, but figured one is enough for now.  When the manipulation ends, I want to get a very good computer.  I don’t really know computers, but I used to know cars back when I needed and utilized one and had an issued driver’s license. Most people can imagine the price of a Toyota verses a Rolls Royce so I will speak of computers like they were automobiles so people can “hear” the price.  In the future, I want to at least get a "Cadillac". I think I want to eventually get something along the lines of a "Mercedes Bens".  I saw some of those.  I know there is a "Rolls Royce" out there too, but I am not sure I’ll ever need one.  I know there are nice computers and intend to get  someday, but for now I got a “Ford” at the price of a “Golf Cart”.   I thought of getting a nicer one but realized it’s almost as easy to put a scratch down a brand-new Rolls Royce with it’s “Elegance” paint job which has 1000 diamonds in it as it is to scratch a brand new Ford.  It sucks either way, but I hate taking my Ford to the mechanic after they would do something like pee in the gas tank.  When it’s barely running and it struggles to start , I th0ught I’d shop for an affordable one.

I started up my brand new Ford, I realized I needed the product key to connect my Comcast internet service.  I looked to my modem. I looked on the top, front, back and both sides and did not see it.  Then I thought it was now a password and I remembered it, but when I type something in, it was  not correct.  So, I called Comcast.  I would not allow them to text something to me the computer voice assured me was a basic and simple understandings of what I needed to do but refused. I wanted to speak to a Comcast Agent.  They said there was a high volume of calls at the time, but I waited.  It was only about 20 minutes and while waiting, I thought I need to get my pants down so kids don’t get raped.    I thought if a woman answered I’d simply be starting my adult chat early.  If I make up like a woman, women do not get raped, only I do.  It seems everyone on the other end of some sort of   communication with me sees me somehow.  After a bit, I thought, oh well, I might as well doll up.  When the agent answered, he was incredibly courteous and friendly to what I was talking about.  If he could in fact see me, he made me feel confident about what I was doing. I was sure to give him my blog address.  It was as if he could see me, was not laughing about and even showed a lot of respect.  I hear Houston is “urban.”  He said it rained in Houston after my explanation of what was weather beautiful day it was in San Francisco. ((6;35PM on 9/29/22) The next day, it rained in San Francisco.  It probably had not rained in six months. (back to 9/17/22) We simply had miniscule conversation between enquires as to what I needed.  He said it was in fact on the modem.  It was on the bottom.  He then told me, I may have changed it, but he would reset if for me.  As he was doing so, I thought I wonder if it’s (letter, letter, letter, letter, character, number, number, number) and it was.  I thanked him and he said he’d like to get to San Francisco someday.  After hanging up, I heard him, and his bosses voice converse a little.  They were both kind and I thought deserved nicknames. I figured the agents nickname could be Houston and his bosses Texas.  It was then I realized that I was just writing about Houston Texas when I was writing about New Orleans.  So when I said I had to get to “Houston”, “Texas” and “Washington”,  I guess below is how this blog and this country all began with a man named George.   I feared I was unable to finish it on my old computer which is actually still working just fine now.

$109 was a bargain and a number I will explain more.  Let me just say, I must read up on it some, but when I see the numbers 109, I somehow insert PT to the beginning to become PT - 109 as is Patrol Torpedo Boat 109.  You see, John F Kennedy, like George H.W, Bush World War II heroes.  I already wrote about President Bush as will be read about below since numbers brought them up after I was writing to it.  This involves a shot down plane and a sunken boat.  Both became books and screen plays.  I have a lot more to write about that war I have watched documentaries about, read about and could even say I Minor, Minored in college.  You will also read about a couple of Godly prophets now and then in blogs I have written and future blogs I need to write, understanding who I believe they once were in past lives gives me quite a bit more to write about. For some rock stars, I have already written about people they once were.  I believe I have quoted Winston Churchill the most throughout my blog and believe today he is Ozzy Osbourne.  I wrote about both of them. 

(4:17AM on 9/25/22) Since this began for information at 4:11, I thought it was appropriate as I finished typing the edit notes to recognize it to be the day Barbara Bush died in 2018.  I started to write about the people in the edit notes for the For you information edit, and noticed the time was 4:11 and felt that since this blog is for your information, that it would help to see how this blog is the information that God spells out some how  true prophesy is how God communicates information for you.   Will apparently obvious possible suggestions such as John Lennon was once Mahatma Ghandi able to be proven through Scientific DNA or would it be admissible in some sort of court?  Probably not, however, when readers read the coincidental events vtthat was twritten, photographed and recorded involving people, places and events that clearly point to this to have once been that that it could have only be written by God.  It can be read throughout this blog and usually happens events timeline that is out of order suggesting something knew something about something would occur to allow the something to show us something. After true prophesy is laid out long enough it becomes pretty clear that that something can only be God.  Call it God, Dios, Allah or whatever one likes.  Once we see this occur time after time connecting to so many things throughout history that it is that is the only possible answer to this incredible tale in which God proved God exist.  My Higher power I call God is the Universe.  I’ll explain more about that day when I watched Barbara Bush’s funeral back in 2018 how the bible verses her granddaughters chose to read not only were much like the person who their grandmother or someone like Martha Washington was in greatr81 likelihood, it actually person that was written about in the bible.

3. I always found interesting that 9/11 attacks occurred on that date seeing as though 911 is the three numbers to dial for an emergency in the United States at the time it 56occurred.  Prior to that, it was Pete Rose’s hit number 4192 that 4occurred at Riverfront Stadium on 9/11 IN 1985. It is probably still remembered on local Cincinnati News Channels broadcast on 9/11. The country will remember 9/11 as long as it exist.  However, since it is biblical being in the book of Revelation it will remembered forever.  Sodam and Egypt became Sodam ad Gomorah and I will explain that more in the future, but for now I will say that 9/11 did not have to occur.  The New World Order could have called it off.  It sounds as though , Donald Trump could have called it off.  My m wother died in 1984.  911 did no exist in Cincinnati, Ohio un5il 8/17 which Davy Crockett, King of Wild Frontiers birthdayin . Davy Crockett was born in 17861988.   Cincinnati ws celebrating it’s Bicentanneal ng to be remmeduring since itr is 4:44AM I should point out it was 444 months 1988 exit began settlement from the Ohio River front the built in 1788. What Washington was built 1789 protects a small settlement. Fort Washington was named the Clint the memory you know George Washington who was elected the first president United States of America in 1789. April 17th is a date that was Easter Sunday in seven 2017 when I sit outside with my sign and would learn that Mary Magdalene went into the church that day the service that day. I'll write more about it in future one year later 417 today Barbara Bush would die ye\\\\was built to protect small communities named after ago.  to ths day ed(2:11PM on 9/22/22)  I wrote about “for your information” (4411) above and wasn’t really sure why, but I personally, and gratefully do know that For San Francisco information, we dial 211.  I did so back in 2014 I believe.  I was calling about receiving Meals on Wheels.   I believe I spoke to Gavin Newsom’s mother. I hope to confirm this someday, but for now I’ll say whoever it was was very kind, helpful and basically, got it done.  It ended up becoming a time when I needed Meals on Wheels more than I ever believed I possibly would after unlocking the Covenant.  Having wholesome balanced meals became critical to my day-to-day activities. I was fortunate to receive my Meals on Wheels from Project Open Hand.  I had done some photography work for my friend Richard (Richard, Star of Bethlehem, Roshambo) who is a filmmaker for a film project that was about Project Open Hand and the good work that they do. I photographed a church that I used to attend an NA Meeting that meant a lot to me and believe I once stayed at as a shelter in my early days of being homeless in 2011.  I to0k these photos on 2/15/14 which was the one-year anniversary of the Russian Meteor shower that was not the END OF THE WORLD.  The I was also collaborated with Richard n a film project titled.  I was the It was one of the best photo projects I’ve worked on. I personally proud to have been a part of that film.  I am also proud to have gotten to meet Tom who helped design the Gay Pride Flag.  I always thought a rainbow was a pretty cool idea for a flag.  I used to see rainbows all the time when I lived in the Cincinnati.  They are common in the Midwest. I the second rainbow I’ve ever seen since I’ve lived on San Francisco, I believe I have seen 3 sunbows.   In 2015, one there was a “shaft of light” coming out of a cloud unusually cloudy San Francisco skys out by the Golden Gate Bridge off of my 26th floor balcony.  It was heading towards the south tower of The Golden Gate Bridge which is the tower Susan and I got to the top to as I wrote about in Top of the World.  We were in a 5-year drought and I had just written something on Facebook a*bout this drought and thought I would keep it for a blog to appear after I wrote Understanding Althea after the 50th Anniversary of the Grateful Dead.  Mamu of my neighbors’ voices in my head thought I was talking about the 50th Anniversary when I said Top of the World. That is what they were seeing it as and it truly was like being on Top of the World in some way. It’s going to reach it.  I was heading seemingly on a direct northeast wind pattern. The light was still approaching that tower and I said, “rain?  Rain!”  Then, my friend, 1Kelly West who I had nicknamed Pearl back inn 2012 when she had a layover a few hours in San Francisco on her move from Hawaii to Colorado.  We met in the Haight and would visit 710 Asbury which is the home the Grateful Dead together back when the band began during the Summer of Love.  When Kelly heard me say, “Rain,” she said, “It’s God.”   I knew she was right.  I thought to myself, I’m not there yet.  We’re not their yet.  Then I thought that I would see a rainbow over Top of The World from my 26ths floor balcony let me know when we were “their” voice in my head when, it began to close









I’ve written a little and have much more to write in the future.  They are the architects of a Christmas display in San Francisco that people tour each holiday season.  Richard did a film titled Making Christmas in 20??.  Tom help create the infamous note below began at the time of Ronald Reagans birthday Farm Aid.  Farm Aid began 37 years ago today, on 9/22/85.  I think it’s a toast to Champaign Illinois that it began as a program to help American Farmers after Bob Dylan recognized such a need at a music festival in Africa two years earlier.  Willie Nelson got with Bob Dylan and others and created this good music festival with a good cause and it since there is a Raliegh in North Carolina, that’s where it happens to be this year.  See how I tried to use like sounding words to tell that fact.  That’s what you will see throughout the blog.  The translations are understandable. 

Since music is the topic, I might as well point out the Jimmy Pages voice suggested I write a little while out tonight so that’s what I am doing;  Just before the “calling all cars” event at 5th and Market today, I was just at the point above this and was going to continue the 109 number connections to two of Rock and Rolls finest musicians, Jimmy Page and John Lennon.  I wro0te about them both in December 7th 1971, but it weas their band mates Robert Plant and Paul McCartney who showed up with Rock and Roll.  I heard John Lennon say to Jimmy Page, “we’ll play some guitar.”  I look forward to hearing such a thing.  As for as the 109 connection, 1/09 is Jimmy Pages birthday and 10/9 is John Lennons birthday. With that, these demons are rusing me upstairs for reasons that slowed me up today quite a bitl  They are so detrimental to all of my healthl

I wrote a blog the day Barbara Bush died and wanted to write more about George Bush in my December 7th, 1941 blog, but it will have to be a future blog   As you will read, this blog is about Jack the Beanstalk.  I thought it might be good to publish this before 2 Shakedown Street and you will read why this needs recognition and serious attention.

 (6:12PM on 8/31/22)6/12 is George H.W. Bush's birthd ay.  I see him as The Presidential God of the Galaxy.  President Bush and his wife, Barbara Bush are from Houston, Texas. First Lady of The Heavens, Barbara Bush is a Galaxy Goddess who is biblical.   I point out his birthday because as you will read, significant blogs such as, King Daivid of the Bible were written on that date in the past. The numbers match a date as it appears in another format and is more significant to other historical events which I have written about in the recent past and will write about more in the near future. The United States is very unique in the way it formats the way dates are written.  It's Month/Day of the Month/Year format is unique. Much of the world uses the Georgian format which is written in the order the Day/Month/Year. For George Bush's birthday, 6/12 would be 12/6.  You'll read below of the significance of 12/6 and 1/26.  When the numbers are written backwards, 216 is the result.  2/16 was the date my Fundraiser occurred in Milford, Ohio in 2013 after I tried to kill myself because I knew there would be a meteor showerer to destroy life on earth.  It was one day after The Russian Meteor Shower was not the End of the World because The Asteroid did not come down.  I sacrificed my soul to go to a Never-Ending Hell for all of earths inhabitants so they could go to heaven forever.

 In 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. The New Orleans Superdome would shelter 16,000 Hurricane Katrina victims. Houston, Texas which is 348 miles away from New Orleans, would shelter 25,000 Hurricane Katrina victims in the Houston Astrodome.  



he New Orleans Superdome - (Photo source: USA Today)


 The Houston Astrodome (Photo source: Houston Public Media)


I have met a few Hurricane Katrina victims who relocated to San Francisco.  I call one of the guys I met who moved here from The Ninth Ward of New Orleans, "Nawlens." This blog is about Jack the Bean Stock who I met in 2005 about a week before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. He said to me over and over as he looked me in the eye.   "I just had to get outta Nawlens", He said it so many times with an undoubted certainty, I knew it meant something.  Obviously, what he was saying meant something to him.  Seeing as though he had meth with him, he, like me, may have been doing a "geographical" despite 50 years of "forced" abstinence, I knew it meant something, I had no idea what it meant. When I got home, I shared this seemingly unique conversation with my wife, Susan.  I told her it meant something.  I somehow believe it was not his fear of Hurricanes that had anything to do with his "having to get out of New Orleans."  A week later, Hurricane Katrina began its destruction of New Orleans.  I spoke to Jack The Bean Stock before Hurricane Katrina even existed. Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans.  The once Category 5 Hurricane dissipated on 8/31/05 which was 17 years ago today. By then, I was laid up on the couch after suffering one of the most painful things I've ever experienced.  As you will read below, I had a MRSA infection that was the size of a baseball.  It was by then that the Levy's had begun to break.   All that was on the television was coverage of hurricane Katrina's devastation of New Orleans. It was then I began to really think about my conversation with Jack the beanstalk. I called Susan at work and asked her, "Do you remember where I said Jack the beanstalk just had to get out of?" She recalled, "New Orleans."  Again, that storm didn't even exist during our conversation.  I wrote about Jack the beanstalk some in the 5th blog I ever published titled, Look Here! See? Listen.  on 9/22/06.  Below is an excerpt:

I just took a much needed 4-hour break from this.  The brain was babbling faster than I could type.  In fact, it was reaching the point of babbling faster than I could think.  Not only was I trying to remember things I was thinking about while I was out taking photos this morning and trying to process the babbles that were current, I also had red beans and rice on the stove and it occurred to me that my most profound example of the communication with the world occurred to me in the Presidio (My wife tried to edit this babble, but it would just take something away...}  This particular example involves Hurricane Katrina and an 80-year-old man who had just spent 50 years in prison.  He called himself "Jack the Bean Stock" and he was originally from New Orleans (Red Beans and Rice??)  Future blogs will be necessary for the Jack the Bean Stock and the Presidio Story.

(12:06PM on 8/31/22) The time I began to write this is equivalent to 12/6 which is the day they fueled up the Arizona in 1941 for its trip to the West Coast. Its band was to receive some kind of award, I believe the members of The Rock and Roll Band Green Day and members of the band I was in, Revelation were members in that band that was on the Arizona December 7th, 1941.  I believe the attack began at 7:50AM on 12/07/41.  The Flag was to be up at 8:00AM on Sunday mornings and all 23 members of the band had assembled.  I believe the Arizona whose fuel was topped off on 12/6 may have been hit first by a torpedo from a Japanese mini sub killing all 23 members of the band. I wrote the short paragraph below at 11:44 AM on 7/21/20 to my first draft posting I copied and pasted from a word document titled Jack The Bean Stock to BlogSpot. The draft file is titled Jack the Bean Stock in Gods Revelation 2015, I apparently wrote the word document the same day I wrote and first published a blog titled, Wake Me Up When September Ends. That blog was written and published on 9/28/06. I never published Jack the Bean Stock because I knew it was at best Halfway there because I knew it needed more and it turned out that Moore is what it needed.  I think I also kind of sensed evidence to support such claims were necessary to understand such allegations I was making and essentially, like at the end of Ashes to Ashes had to give it to the Universe.  Literally Burning Bridges would not occur on more than one occasion and I would have to literally learn to Walk Again on more than one occasion.   Wake Me Up When September Ends is the first blog that was the name of a song.  I wrote early on how important music was in early blogs.  I knew that all the things I left to do I only did Halfway, but I also knew that it was the music that was helping complete many stories for me.  It seemed I was on a mission. I knew it would take time to reach some sort of understanding as to what was really going on.  Having all these experiences made me wonder if I perhaps were some kind of prophet.   Later in the blog Look Here! See? Listen. I would write “Trust me, I am not trying to say I am some kind of prophet or anything like that. If anything, I am saying I think we are all capable of being “some kind of prophet.”” As it turns out, I am some kind of am prophet. We all are” Every now and then “some kind of prophet reveals their prophesy for such an amazing understanding.  Some still do no0t know. In this instance, I sensed it back then but now, 8 I really know I can say Jack the Beanstalk is “Some kind of prophet.  God used so many of us to write this book of Revelation through his only begotten son.

The numbers in the time of 11:44 are 4411 in reverse. It is for (your) information (4 (your) 411) that I keep the paragraph; I wrote above because tbose numbers that are important to the dates they are used events and blogs. For example, 11 has the same numbers as 1/1 iwhic is the date I wrote Althea in 2015. 44 has the same numbers as 4/4 which is the date when The Grateful Dead encored Liberty in 1993 at Nassau Coliseum.  20 years before that in 1973 the World Trade Center opened in New York making it the tallest building in the world .  5 years before that in 1968, Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior was shot in Memphis Tennessee.  Also obvios in the number in reverse it can be seen that it is for( the) April Fools  Day one since it is 4411. April Fool Day is also written 4/1.  4/1 is the date my cousin Kenny and I went to Memphis and saw the Grateful Dead a the Memphis Pyramid in 1995 which is the year Jerry Garcia died.  The Memphis Pyramid is a modern day replica of sorts to the Great Pyramid a Giza.  Built 4500 years ago, by King Kufa it was the tallest building in the world 3800 years. Kenny was with in New York and April Fool's Day is the day we went to the top of The World Trade Center. 


“Chop it down, and you can’t stop me, Oh, chop it down and you can’t stop me.”  - Robert Hunter


Those are the lyrics to the Grateful Dead song, Liberty.



I found Jack the Bean Stock was already saved to Gods-Revelation, I realized it was saved to the original web address I created after I learned that I could no longer access Beaty's Babbling Brain Blog because the passwords had been changed., The last edit to the blog titled  Liberty Revelation (Introduction) was on 2/17/17. 2/17 is Billy Jo of Green Days birthday. The last time I edited Liberty Revelation – Chapter 1 which was on Beaty's Babbling Brain Blog - Part III was 3/3/17. I have referred to that date as “Green Guitar Girl” for reasons that will have to be explained in a future blog I have yet to post. I wrote the story just after it occurred and have “a video” I took that night.  I will simply say that I was listening to Green Day's album, American Idiot, and The Civic Center was lit up green. A young lady would come out of the 7th and Market Street Subway Station carrying a green guitar.  Sh was playing tropical sounding music.  She then walked down 7th Street past The Fedeal Building (The Death Star, New World Order Headquarters) She turned on to Minna Street and ended up walking into the Minna Hotel. This hotel was already linked to a blog I published 4/7/14 titled, Found in the Fall. The new version I created was called Gods-Revelation 2015.  There are 64 written to that location and only 5 are currently published.  I don't believe any more will be published to Gods-Revelation2015.

I wrote 7/21 is Robin Williams birthday.  I wrote a blog titled Robin Williams on 10/11 in 2006.  I think it is also important to point out that Robin Williams lived in Sea Cliff at the time which is a beautiful neighborhood located between Lands' End and The Presideo.  I used to sit on a bench outside of his home in which he donated to remember his parents.  I once saw him walking up his stairs while sitting on that bench as I did often.  We once saw him on his bike, while pulling into the entrance to Robin Williams Sea Cliff Neighborhood.  Susan was driving. my Mustang when her mother was visiting, She was riding in the passenger seat. When she saw him, she waved.  He waved back.  I also saw him at Justin Herman Plaza during a bike race.  He was with Lance Armstrong.  Susan I I saw him on 9/11/10 at Davies Music Hall performing the encore with Craig Ferguson.  If I recall, they did a dance number to Britney Spears, "Hit me Baby One More Time."

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The first time I copied my Jack the Bean Stock file from my Work In Progress Folder f(WIP) or Beaty's Babbling Brain Blog,, I put it on BlogSpot on Robin Williams Birthday: Below is what I wrote at the beginning in 2020.

(11:44AM on 7/21/20) I apparently wrote this on 9/28/06 because that is the date, I saved the file.  I would write about Jack the bean stock in other blogs such as Wake Me Up When September Ends on the BlogSpot version.  I then had the text for Jack The Bean Stock.  I never finished or published it.

I noticed it was 12:04 and knew I was going to write to this blog that I never published back in 2006 as I had plan to finish it.  I wrote about it in a few other blogs.   It was 17 years ago today that Hurricane Katrina dissipated it on 8/31/06.  By this time, the levees had already began failing and the aftermath really began.  The aftermath continues until this day. When I got BlogSpot open, it was 12:06PM.  I thought of waiting a minute for 12:07PM. but decided it should remain organic, so I typed in 12:06.  12/06 or 12/6 is also the anniversary of Altamont which occurred in 1969.  Altamont was a festival that included The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane, Santana, Crosby, Still and Nash, Jimi Hendrix, Janus Joplin and was kind of viewed as The Woodstock of The West by some.  Four concert goers would die that day including, eighteen-year-old Meridith Brooks who was stabbed by a Hells Angel.  I occurred during the Rolling Stones performance of Under My Thumb.

 I have written a few times in the past about my own my own personal "Highway to Hell" that occurred in 2007.  Susan and I were in my Black '99 Mustang GT which I now see as The Dark Horse of the apocalypse.  I had a model of all four horses of the apocalypse.  I have written about two in past blogs but will explain more in a blog.  The devil had been in my head and was downstairs in the back breezeway behind our apartment on Minna Stret trying to get me to "Come on Down" as he put it to sell my soul to him.  I even recorded him back there where he was surrounded by beautiful, scantily clad women, but the video would become corrupt I saved it it was Video #13.   I refused.  He said, God would never allow me in heaven and that I would serve high in hell,  I refused.  He told me I would be dead in 3 years and hell is where I would go.  Susan came home early from work the day after getting her master's degree and saved my life in 2010 I said I would take my chance with God.  I would again get so many cbances until I brought the apocalypse that was to occur in '13 which tge video matched to Book of Revelation I would read when I was 5 years old at the Morrow Church of Chist,   There were people on my roof threatening to dismember me.  We ended up at Joshua Tree, however, the whole way there, I had the devil in my head   When we got to Altamont Pass, we began to lose the San Francisco Radio Station.  When we went up hill, and uplifting song would tune in.  When we went downhill, AC/DC's Highway to Hell would tune in.  It truly was a Highway to hell all the way to Josua Tree which was hot as hell.  We would stay in Palm Springs.  We would make it Television City to fulfill one of Susans lifelong dreams of seeing Bob Barker on The Price is Right.  It was the 7th to last taping.  Every time they said, "Come on Down," it reminded me of what had just happened.

 l would write more about Jack the bean stock in other blogs such as Wake Me Up When September Ends in the Myspace Version and on the BlogSpot version.  I first wrote Wake Me Up When September Ends on 9/28.  I was; looking for Moses and would find Noah.  I had first thought of one of my first roommates, John Moore or who had a catamaran speed boat we would take up the Ohio River to listen thought it's parting of the water before it represented Motes parting the Red Sea as I wrote about at the end of Wake Me Up When September Ends in the Blog Spot Version as you can red below.  the Noah Hunt was found. As his voice ins my head just said, "It was music to my ears."  Every time we'd get oh Interstate 71 from the Smith and Edwards Entrance Ramp, we'd have a little race.  I had an '87 LX 5.0, 5 speed Ford Mustang I now see as the white horse of the apocalypse.  That mustang was quick and I would get him a little in the start, but that 928 which has a much faster tops speed would always pass me up.  John should is certainly tied to Moses and of the, but it was Mike of Ultrasound which is the Grateful Dead Sound company that tied to have once been Bob Weir to Moses.

Then they reviled him, and said, thou art his disciple; but we are Moses' disciple

- John 9:28


Below is what I wrote in the first Wake Me U /When September Ends:

Summer has come and passed

The innocent can never last

Wake me up when September ends

Like my fathers come to pass

Seven years has gone so fast

Wake me up when September ends

Here comes the rain again

Falling from the stars

Drenched in my pain again

Becoming who we are

As my memory rests

But never forgets what I lost

Wake me up when September end

Summer has come and passed

The innocent can never last

Wake me up when September ends

Ring out the bells again

Like we did when spring began

Wake me up when September ends

Here comes the rain again

Falling from the stars

Drenched in my pain again

Becoming who we are

As my memory rests

But never forgets what I lost

Wake me up when September ends

Summer has come and passed

The innocent can never last

Wake me up when September end

Like my fathers come to pass

Twenty years has gone so fast

Wake me up when September ends

Wake me up when September ends

Wake me up when September ends

When I first heard this song, I thought it might be about September 11th. For some, it was. When I saw Green Day perform it on Monday Night Football, I realized how appropriate the song was for the people of New Orleans. How appropriate it was for our country. How appropriate it was for the world. Apparently, Billy Joe from Green Day wrote that song about his dad who died when he was 10. It wasn’t for any of those things, was it.

I am finding that all answers to all questions do come in time. Time is irrelevant. It is so difficult to see why things happen when things happen. Especially things that hurt so much. It is okay to ask why. In fact we should. We should be patient when it comes to getting the answers. I have always struggled with this, as I have always sought instant gratification. However, I am finally starting to see that if we are patient, we will see why.

I had planned to blog about the drugs I did, how I did tem, the story about Jack the Bean stock, and many other things that are relevant to this. Basically, to tell you how my answers are coming. I decided it is not really necessary in this blog. I spent most of yesterday writing, I deleted the whole thing this morning

My dad died in June. My mother died when I was twelve. I have spent many days of my life asking why. The answers are slowly coming. I suspect since Billy Joe’s dad died at such a young age, he also spent many of his days asking why. If Billy Joe’s answer to why had not already come, I suspect after Monday Night, it has.

(If you missed it, I have the video on MySpace)

coming soon.  Long story, but someone who may be my brother will not stop messing with my computer.  It may be Tony Karnes or Scott Coll.  I don't know, but God does.  12:06PM on 9/01/22)  I had to download Open Office so that I could copy this and paste it.  I could have retyped it, but.... I told Bill Gates I'd buy a copy of Office this time.  I shoud have enough money, thanks to Social Security coming through.  When thing goes viral, I may have to buy the office version. It's $40 more but allows for multiple users!

The second time I published Wake Me Up when September Ends was 9/7/12.  Below is an excerpt:

One day I was wondering around The Presidio near the shore by the Golden Gate Bridge and met this old black man. He was 80 years old. He called himself, "Jack the Bean Stalk." He had just gotten to San Francisco. He told me had never been there or in The Presidio. He had just gotten out of prison. He was in prison for 50 years.

He was nice enough, but something about him didn't make sense. He told me he was from New Orleans. But he said, "I just had to get out of New Orleans." He made a point of telling me this many times. To such a degree, I took notice of his reiterated comments. He'd look me in the eye and say, "I had to get out of New Orleans." It was strange to me.

He then asked me if I wanted to do some meth. I of course did. Most of my time at The Presidio was spent in this very private remote cove that was very hard to find. One could only reach it during very low tide or by a very hard climb down to it. It was surrounded by at least a hundred feet of cliffs on three sides and the waterway known as the Golden Gate on the other. It was very near the mouth to the PacOcean and huge waves would break in that little cove. Jack the Bean Stalk who said he had never been there before walked us down this windy path right to it. It was very low tide. In tide cycles, I learned from being around them, that there are two high tides and two low tides. One is very high and one is very low - the other two are in between. It was very low so we ran around to the little cove as no wave was coming in. He sm0ked some meth with me. I really wanted to shoot some, but not with him of course and something just didn't feel right to me. I finally said I had to go.

When I got home, I told Susan about this strange old man who, "Just had to get out of New Orleans." She just thought I was crazy as usual. A week later I was at Ocean Beach. I felt a staph infection coming on. I was at a very dark secluded part of the beach by the sand dunes. Two strangers walked up and said, "Did you know the New Orleans is getting hit by a huge hurricane?" I had no idea. It was Hurricane Katrina. I didn't think much of it.

I was starting to be in lot of pain. I knew I was getting a bad staph infection on my right front pelvic area. It got to where I could hardly walk. It was about size of a softball. I hobbled to Baker Beach, near my private cove. I built a fire, took out my knife, cut a 7-Up can in half and filled it with water. I boiled the water. I put a hot cloth on the infection and began cutting it open with my knife. It was so painful, but I had to open it up. I did have some success, but would ultimately have to call Susan to come get me and take me to urgent care. That is where that 2 inch scar is today where the doctors had to finish opening it up for me. It was the most painful thing I have ever experienced. It just wouldn't get numb no matter how much they tried to numb it with a local anesthetic. Everywhere they stuck a needle in the tender infection it would shoot blood and puss. So Romantic.

I ended up being laid up on the couch for a long time. All that was on television was the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. I was so miserable and it was a miserable thing to watch. Then I remembered Jack the Bean Stock and how he said over and over, "I just had to get out of New Orleans." I called Susan and asked her, "Do you remember how I told you something wasn't right about this guy? Do you remember where I told you he kept telling me he he had to get out of?" She recalled, "New Orleans." That storm didn't even exist yet.

I had no idea what all that was about.  I still don't.  Something I thought -something bigger.  I have no idea who Jack the Bean stalk was.  I also forgot to write above that he seemed to know a lot about me.  He told me if I ever needed something to eat, to come find him at Carl's Junior at 7th and Market.  I lived a block away.   It seemed many have tried to help me over the years.

(11:44AM on 7/21/20) I apparently wrote this on 9/28/20 because that is the date, I saved the file.  I would write bout Jack the bean stock in other blogs such as Wake Me Up When September Ends on the BlogSpot version.

I, as usual, have so many things I could blog about. However, I think it is time talk about Jack the Bean Stalk. I was very moved while watching performances of Green Day, U2 and the New Orleans Saints on Monday night football. Man, that was powerful shit!

The Presideo is located at the southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge, in the city of San Francisco. In many places it feels like the middle of the wilderness. Sometimes it felt like the middle of the universe. At times I thought it was headquarters to the “New World Order”. Now, I am not so sure. I will say that Lucas Film Works recently moved all of their operations there, for whatever that’s worth. I will have many future blogs about this captivating and magical place. I have tried to figure it out but have not. I probably won’t any time soon, but time is irrelevant, right?

So, by this point in my addiction, I had been telling my wife how someone was up to something. I found myself spending days on the beach, in caves, or in old World War II gun batteries. I would see things. Sometimes it seemed they saw me. I came to the conclusion that the Presideo was New World Order headquarters, and they could control the weather as well as people's minds. I always seemed to be drawn to the Presideo where I saw some strange things. I told this to my wife, she of course, thought I was crazy. I was,

One day, towards the end the summer of 2005, I was hanging out near my favorite little hideaway in the Presideo. I would sometimes spend days in the same area. Up walks this 80-year-old black man. He was very kind. When I asked his name, he said Jack the Bean Stock. I sure didn’t have to worry about forgetting that one!

We began talking about how beautiful the day was. He said he had never been to the beach where we were talking. In fact, he said he had never been to San Francisco. He had only gotten out of prison ten days before. He was in prison for 50 years! He said he was a bank robber who did his time in Arizona. I assume this is where he did his crime. He went on to tell me he was from “Nawlens” I just love the way people from New Orleans say it. It’s kind of like the way people from Louisville say “Lulvul”. He said when he got out, he went to “Nawlens”, but had to get out. He also kept talking about the Wahder. (Water). Did I need any “Wahder”. Or, boy that wahder sure is purdy”. He on kept telling me how he had to “… get out of Nawlens”. In the half hour we were either walking or talking, he must have found a way to say that ten times.

I told him how I had been to Nawlens once. My wife and I just up and went one Thanksgiving weekend. It happened to be during the Boyuo Classic. A football game played between Southern and Grambling every year. We only saw 2 other white people in New Orleans the night we stayed on Bourbon Street. Which was the same night as the Bayou Classic. They were from San Francisco in fact. I remember being very distraught at the fact that many of the bars were not open or would only sell drinks at the door. They said it was because it got to rowdy for that festival. While, I have not been to Mardi Gras, I imagine it was rowdier than this. We had a great time!

I also remember it rained the entire time. Man was that town under “Wahder” We road the trolleys and you couldn’t even see the tracks they ran on. I heard San Francisco traded New Orleans one of their Trolleys for one of “our” Cable Cars. I always wonder why?

Jack the Bean Stock asked me if I would like some crystal meth. This would be like asking my dog if he wanted a T-Bone. He suggested we go somewhere, besides where we were. Sometimes the “new world order agents” were watching from above or on boats, so I agreed! As we walked along these winding trails, He seemed to know where he was going. But this was of course the first time he had been there. I wasn’t trying to steer him clear of my secret little cove, but he kept saying, “Let's go this way” until we got there. Trust me, it is not easy to find.

I didn’t think much of it. We got there, and it just didn’t feel right. I told him thanks for offering, but I was going to leave. I had never turned down an offer for free crystal meth! As I left, he was very friendly and said he now lives in the Mission District but would be at the corner of “_______” and “________” Streets if I ever needed any food. “_____” & “_____” is the corner where I live. I mean on the corner.

I went home. I told my wife about Jack the Bean Stock. I told her something didn’t seem right. I said it seemed as if he were and “actor”. I said it felt like he was setting me up for something. She of course thought I was crazy. Was I? I slept for a day or two, and I was out again. After a few days, I found myself at Ocean Beach. I built a fire and was staring out at the Ocean. I remember thinking how the water was so calm. There were almost no waves. As I sat there, two men walked up to me and told me New Orleans was being pounded by a hurricane. Hurricane Katrina of catrina. I had been “checked out” of the world for so long, I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t think a whole lot of it, as that drug doesn’t allow you to care much about anything.

I walked to the Presido the next day. I was developing a really bad infection on my hip, so it, took me a really long time to get there. By the time I got to Baker Beach, it was very dark and the infection had gotten really bad. It was very swollen and needed to be “drained”.  I know its fucking disgusting. There was no one around, but luckily I had found those knives, I built a fire, cut a can and half, boiled some whader and performed some surgery. I had enough success to make it home the next morning where my wife was able to get me to the...  I had found two very sharp knives the night before.
Again I was drawn the Presideo.

At the end of my second blog I titled, Wake Me Up When September Ends I would write;

It turns out that song, Wake me up When September Ends was about Billy Joe's dad dying. It turns out the entire album American Idiot, could really be about my life. It's about this guy, The Jesus of Suburbia and his girlfriend leaving their hometown for a big city. He's an addict and meets a bunch of angels and demons. She finally leaves him to go home. They both live on. It's a lot more detailed than that, but that's the gist of it. It's even a play at The Orpheum Theater in San Francisco.  Surfer Dudes daughter is in the play.  I try to play Jesus of Suburbia on guitar now.

Billy Joe said that the song, Wake me up When September Ends was the song that if any didn't really fit into that album. It fit perfectly for me. Regardless of what it was for me, it was a lot for him. I suspect it was a lot for those at the Superdome and in New Orleans one year after Hurricane Katrina. And, The Saints went on to kick but that night and eventually win a Superbowl. There must be a God! Okay God, the Bengals turn!

Hopefully the lyrics are clear enough on this one and you get the message. Actually, they didn't change them that much really, they just kind of combined three songs. The lyrics were really appropriate for the situation despite the fact that they were written about something else years before, Space-Time. To me it resembles some other bible stories besides the one about Moses I mentioned in the beginning. It reminded me of Jesus on the boat in the storm. It also reminded me of Noah and the flood and the bird who goes and gets the leaf in her mouth. Right? I'm laughing at my bible story telling. Basically, Good will always come from bad. We must have faith.

/Exodus 19:5-6

Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations you will be my treasured possession. Although the whole earth is mine, you will be for me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.’ These are the words you are to speak to the Israelites.”

Coming soon, 2Shakedown Street.  They caused a Hurricane before we knew what was going on completely.  Now we know and now we keep stopping planned earthquakes, but if this is not understood, they may get one by us.

On a final notable note, I find it coincidentally interesting that the last bible entry is from Exodus 19.5-6. 5-6 is 6-5 in reverse ad 6/5 is the day that Ronald Regan died in 2004, On 10/19  is my brother Bob's Birthday.  In 2015 I shut the gates of Hell, walked the Stairway to Heaven and when I told Althea and Althea told me..., I would have My Arms Opened to the Mount Davidson Cross.  I would watch as "the sun sets over the Ocean once again, looks like I won't be going home again" as I would end  up at General Hospital again because my leap of faith from the incoming Tsunami with a Great White Shark out there would break my leg. This is all documented. One year later,  the Rocket Queen occurred from Fort Funston.  Minna was woken u when September Ends on 10/1 as she woke up during the second Revolution Starts Now.  It was quite a day that ended at General Hospital that I write most about in Understanding Althea - Estimated Prophet - Throwing Stones. 

On 10/19/15 the cover of Time Magazine was:

 When I wrote The Revolution Starts Now in 2013

At the beginning of Wake Me up When September Ends on 9/7/12 which was 10 years ago today, was Exodus 3:1-6.  You soon read a blog titled 316 which is a Van Halen song. 3/16 is Wolfgang William Van Halen's birthday who is Edward Lodewijk Van Halens son whose birthday is 1/26 which I wrote about above. 
10/16 is Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead's Birthday.  In the first The Revolution Starts Now I wrote on 10/07/13 and published on 11/4/13 included Exodus 16:1-3.  Notice in reverse the numbers 316 once again appear.  that number is very important for many other reasons you will see it showed up in my life.  It suggests a bible verse that God connected to me in so many ways that  have to write about with a song.  I have heard God's voice in my head 3 kind of 4 times, but that songs "says" what I believe most people in this world have heardThe song "says" more to just how God communicates with us than any many have heard, John 3:16 - 

(8:08PM on 8/31/22) Revelation began time edi

(2:06 PM on 9/2//22) Time equivalent to Ronald Reagen's Birthday The Surrender of Japan on the   of the Missouri in Tokyo Bay. occurred 0n 9/2 and this is he 245th day of the year which spells it out to be to '45 since this took place n 194510 why was 77 years ago.  7/7. Libert began or Row 7 Seat 7.

(11:07AM on 9/7/22) Wake Me Up When September Ends - That Saints Are Coming - It's A Beautiful Day 10-year Anniversary Edit Dus-Ken

(9:08AM on 9/08/22)  

(9:11PM on 9/07/22)_ Add Superdome Video because Robin Willams and Craig Ferguson were at Davies.  (removed)

(2:06PM on 9/09/22) I think it is appropriate that I edited write a litt on the date of the time that Contrails was published for the second time on 8/20/12 which is Gina Casey and Robert Plants birthday seeing as the time now is as the date 2/06 which is Ronald Reagans Birthday and Axl Roses birthday.  9/11 needs have it's last edit for  For Robin William, Craig Ferguson, Elmo, Keller Williams, for Ronald Reagan and me too, Susan and a timely black scare crow to help understand the son on Easter Sunday's Spruce Goose or the Love Machine known as Kiwi,  More importantly, for the 1,000,000 students and the theif.  Get a new way of living. Stop listening to voices,

(4:07PM on 7.10.22) Found in the Fall's Green Guirtar Girl Edit.)

(8:57AM on 9/13/22) When I was patient, I (Time) sauce on my cheeseburger edit

(11;23AM on 9/16/22) what happened to Thanksgiving thanks team Robinson on Molly's birthday with the new blogger app taking me out the door. I'm not sure if today is Stella blues birthday but I do know it's June 10th backwards so guess today is blue Stella's birthday since it' teenth June.  I Wonder what the 31st amendment will be)


7:35.PM on 9/17/22)  I wanted to add something and finish editintg this blog, but Kenny Blayne will not stop being so violently disgusting to me.  I will explain probably in a Fa edbook broadcast just how nasty this nasty most detrimental human being in humhistormtrukg is.  Many will agree.  He does waht the devil (Paul Trudeu and Sat(IDonald Trump want him to do and even things  (Donald Satan want anhist [they do not want him  to doo me, HE IS SO VIOLENT TO ME.  I need help with this!  Sometimes I feeln as though it's me against what I sacrificed my soul to go to a never-ending hell so good souls could go to heaven - Earths inhabitants!

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