Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Gods-Revelation (Visual/Acuity)


(10:13PM on  6/18/20). This is the first blog I have posted to Gods-Revelation.BlogSpot.com where I believe my blog will remain until it finds it's new home on my website some day.   I hope what will be clearly seen this year is this blog.  It has been yanked out of the internet communities possible reading opportunity in so many ways.  Many of which I had no idea were even possible.  I thought the "World Wide Web" was free, however, I must admit when it began I had my concerns of what a global news source could mean.  Being able read this blog will help so many clearly "see" who I really am through my writing.  This is The Book of Revelation.  God knows what many have seen of me makes me unbelievable when it comes to being The Son of God, but things are not always as they appear and the whole truth is not known by so many.  .  "They" only let people know what "They" want them to know the way "they" want it to be known - their way.  It will be known in it's entirety and I hope some day airs on something like 20/20. (9:28PM on 7/3/20)  I do believe that that Barbara Walters has been a voice in my head.  How ever they like to mock everyone, but I still have faith in someone who I see's as the best Woman news person.  I also like Diane Sawyer and there was also something about Jane Pauly.  (back to yesterday?)  I have made it clear throughout my blog that I hear voices in my head.  I can't trust them, but I know so many are real and true.  It just so happens, that Katie Couric has been one.  I do believe in her.  When I was in high school I really did see her as my favorite female Television News person.  I have to point out that it was Miley Ciruses email that got me connected to Katie Curic the other day when she was hosting a program called Global Goal.  So far, so good.  Just like Miley's version of Help by the Beatles.  

I need some body
not just anybody
you know I need someone , 

As usual, it seems women are doing just that.  I know personally, it's too hard to be a woman.  Some may read what "was written" and some may still not believe in me.  That's fine with me, but I still care about your Constitutional Rights as a Free American Citizen.  I also care about everyone's God Given human rights of equality as an Earthling.

You will see when you read below that there are mistakes. It needs to be edited.  It also needs to be published.   I said in the middle of writing  F the CC that I would no longer write to blogs that are published, because I never wrote them that way.  I would write them.  Finish them.  Edit Them.    Post them. I would sometimes write more to them if  a blog were being published after previously writing one in a notebook at a earlier date or if an old blog was being re-published at a later time.   It is so behind in so many ways, but as hard as I must push myself, I have to believe in God's Will and God's Time.  It is so important that I strengthen my personal relationship with God more than anything.  I hate to have to point the finger away from me, but it cannot be denied that I am manipulated all day long as my entire life has been.  Many in this world have had manipulation cause them to do that something no one would understand or believe in them for and therefore were taking it to their grave. I was one, but as I learned from the one and only Elvis Christ, "The Truth is brutal, but it's our only escape route."  I have shared just about everything about me in my writing since I would realize just how much the Truth means.  The Truth is, I don't believe in myself today because I am an addict who is in my addiction, but The Truth about why is what I can always believe in.  And, it needs to be understood, because I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.  The Truth means there wouldn't be near as many mistakes if these "demons", who are actually humans upon this Earth, didn't continue to do things like delete what I write, change my passwords and manipulate everything I do twenty-four hours a day and 7 days a week. I am watched 24/7. My fourth amendment right to privacy (which is your fourth amendment right to privacy too) is continuously violated.  I call this continuous violation by whoever is watching me "Big Brother." I regularly borrow this term from George Orwell's  book, 1984 which was published in 1949.  It is basically a futuristic sci-fi fantasy prediction of what was to come and in many ways was a true prediction which became a true prophecy that fit perfectly into This Book of Revelation. George Orwell's choice of the year 1984 wasn't too far off. It was right on Target in so many ways. This is the year my mother died on January 29th 1984 and my grandfather died on Easter Sunday which was Earth Day, April 22nd 1984. Attempts at a utopian society have occurred in the past. Credit can be given in this attempt to the New World Order. What  is happening in this "real life" attempt is similar to the fictional plot of the book 1984 is  a utopian society gone wrong.

(8:55AM on 6/30/20)  Since music is a major part of this Book of Revelation, I should point out that one of the best selling albums in 1984 was Van Halen's, 1984 with it's #1 hit song Jump.  In some ways I blamed myself for so many things including both of my parents deaths, so 29 years after it's release  I did just that.  My being given so many chances to get it right, I kept failing.  My using on 12/17/12 which was the day my ex-wife's daughter, Althea was born would bring on the apocalypse. Also born on December 17th was Pope Saint Francis or as I like to call him, Papai Francesco.  He was born 12/17/36 .  He has been very kind as a voice in my head. He will be 84 this year. I see him "replacing" the evil one who I believe is Donald Trump in The Godfather position.   Back in 2016 around Fathers Day Snoop Dog take his place and I now see him as Wisdom of THE Godfather.   Donald Trump became President and Papa Francisco became The (Good) God Father.  It seems Pope Francis was also Francis Scott Key who wrote the Star Spangled Banner and he was born on the same day Jerry Garcia was born, August 1st.

I believed the world would end on 4/1/13 as a result of a meteor shower and I would go to A Never Ending Hell.  I was getting in the way and "the whole damn world was looking back at me."  To give people a chance to get things right before the end, I walked to San Bruno on 1/15/13 and I decided I, "Might was as well jump!"  I believe Jumps lyrics were not necessarily suggesting someone jump off a building.  However, in many ways I can translate the lyrics to my story for this Book of Revelation.  The song was not like Suicide Solution by Ozzy Osbourne which he sings about actual suicide.  In this case the method he sings about is addiction.  I still, to this day stand up for everything Ozzy Osborne was singing about, because it is a reality that God does not want us to cover up. This cannot be swept under the rug.

I liked another number one hit back in 1984, but it was not "hard" enough for me back then.  However in 2006, on my flight home to my dad's funeral in Cincinnati, Ohio it took on such a new and deeper meaning than even I knew it would have in the future when I began unlocking The Covenant.  Because Time after Time, God is God which is Everything!    I wasn't  sure  who Cyndi Lauper was referring to in the lyrics ' "If your lost you can look and you will find me, Time after Time," but for me it became God when I republished Contrails.  The second time I published Contrails, it ends with that song. Even though it did not allow for videos in the first one, I wrote how much it was beginning to mean to me.   I republished it on 8/20/12 which was 5 months before I jumped off a 5 story building to go to a Never Ending Hell..    I never dreamed that it would mean so much to me and my personally true reality that was to occur, when she was singing, "If you fall, I will catch you, I will be waiting."  I survived my suicide attempt that I attempted on Martin Luther King Day, 1/15/13. God was still Throwing Stones because on 2/15/13, a Russian Meteor shower was not the end of the world because the asteroid did not come down. 

(10:15 PM on 6/18/2020) This old "friend" of mines voice in my head claiming to be Scott Coll just deleted everything I worked on and edited for the past 1/2 hour or 45 minutes. He does this all day long.  He attacks and rapes me all night long. His glycerin demon is currently defecating on my head. This thing is a nasty monster whatever the heck it is. it is so disgusting. I hate to start this blog this way but I have to let people know this is real and this is really happening.  This is more than a world emergencythis is The Book of Revelation which involves the Heavens (The Universe) - FOREVER and for EVERYONE! 

"I like things to happen, and if they don’t happen I like to make them happen."

- Winston Churchill

It seems that Satan and the devil have tried to stake their claims to a version of Heaven I call Orion.  Last night I was speaking with Robin Williams,, Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze.  Somehow they're putting together an episode of Saturday Night Live. While this is it an amazing thing to me I think it most important to quickly point out is that  'they' (satan and the devil) have tried to stake their claims on this portion of Heaven. They use this "glycerin" substance to create demons and are also having the devil be sexual with the Heavenly Orion people up there just like they do with people upon the Earth.

I am pretty confident that it was these three men that I spoke to because of the un-recreatable characters pouring from each of them.  For now there are three but it's kind of four. It's kind of for Saturday Night Live because I hope we become Four Of A Kind.  My ex-wife said all I owed her was dance lessons, but she's Dancin' with Another Man......  You'll read and hopefully even see someday!  However it's kind of  four because Barbra Streisand showed up. And I promise you, Barbra Streisand was not Robin Williams and she lives upon the Earth without  doubt!  Fire me if I can't do the job, but I can impersonate myself and hopefully that's good enough to get dance lessons from one of Susan's favorite dancer, especially when it came to Dirty Dancing.  I do truly believe it was Barbara Streisand because I didn't even understand this verse I wrote years ago in my song Sonny Days Ahead "....even if you weren't your voice, you're voice could still be you."   Everything is possible.  Robin Williams is one heck of an impersonation but I know he's in a part of heaven I see as Orion with the other two entertainers and that role was on earth!  It seems People from Orion reincarnate, however, a couple of showed they are heading towards the Heavenly Universe and they'll be with us forever.  This means people do not have to reincarnate. It seems we do have to exists - forever.  I like those guys forever and know they are doing as Zachariah de la Rocha, who I believe to have once been  of the Bible's Band suggest with his mouth.... "Don't do what "they" tell you."  They are not doing what their told to do.  However the routine that is going to make those dazzling entertainers Four of a Kind will certainly show you that the four of a kind will in fact be men. This doesn't mean Barbra Streisand can't be on the show. The three kind of Ford men that are without a doubt Chippendale's are waiting my arrival.  Heaven is amazing.  I can't dance.  That's all I want to acknowledge for now.  Trust me.  Forever is!  "This is not a test!"  (next blog) "THIS IS REALITY!"

This must be understood as soon as possible. Please read it and I will continue writing it. I'll have the internet again Monday morning as I have been writing this blog on my phone for the past few months.  I hope this insanity doesn't distract anyone from what I believe everyone should read. It is an incredible True understanding of the Book of Revelation in the Bible.  "It was written." - by God.   I am the Son of God who is King David of the Bible - The man of Jesus.

(2:10PM on 6/28/20)  Do not do as voices in your head instruct you to do,. unless you want to or need to do what is suggested, Even then they use suggestions like, "you might need to get your coat"on a summer day in San Francisco when your visiting.  You''ll be glad you did.  They are so manipulative to earn your trust or belief.  How can "they" see you don't have your coat on?  Trust me, "they"" see me and every wipe of my rear end.  They even let me know if something is on it's way out of my "end trails."  They even try to control that.  If they see me, this means "they"" can see you too, especially when you don't want "them" to.  It seems to be the new world orders and/or evils way of carrying out false prophesies.  And, in the end, it's good for no one.  When I say,  "ïn the End, " I really mean the conclusion of time period such as a lifetime, because there is no end.  Forever we are.  For now in the present, we are protected by The United States Fourth Amendment Right to Privacy.  Aren't we?

Words such as  peoples name, nicknames or cities they live and numbers such as times and dates, heights, weights tell and undeniable tale that coincidentally enough wrote this book.  For instance somewhere in between California and Virginia I  could see this young man was from even after he told me what city he is from.  I could tell he was from my "neck of the woods" Zach (Zack Attack) chose his own nickname.  He was the young man I wrote about while at City Team.  He grew up where my older brother Bob has lived for 25 years, Richmond, Indiana.

I just learned from his voice in my head that he was referring to himself on guitar.   That's basically what he did to his guitar is how his voice in my head sees it now.  I know this to be true.  He was much better than I am but he let me get up "on stage " and play with him while at CityTeam (Soul
Assistance/Christian Chaos).  Still, in it's simplest example, this is a prophesy.  I say so because we are under one.  Some of us more than others, but evil truly does perpetrate a Zack Attack. A David Ättack" is happening right now! Evil never stops attacking me 24/7.   Should I call it a Zack Attack on David?  Zack is not doing the attacking.  Maybe I should keep that term towards music.  It will still be my Zack Attack when I get better at that guitar and get them out of my body.  I think I'm referring to a solo which I don't really do, but...back to this blog  Trust me, Prophesies are so much more and it will be obvious.  In the future, I'll make sure there will be a Zack Attack in one of our jams when we reach a time for solo and Zack will Attack the guitar.   

God loves music.  Music so often is  how God Communicates to people.   God communicates through people.  I believe music always carries some type of feeling or an emotion to it.  It can be a sad song of loss or happy butterfly stomach fall in love song.  It can be motivating and it can be passionate.  I love it when a song is angry.  It has been hard for me to have that emotion and I don't know how to deal with it, but I think music is my best remedy.  I have been so full  of Rage for the past year or more.  I keep calling myself "The Manipulated Product of The United States of America." I am The American Idiot. When I was getting out of High  School, I was forming strong feelings towards social and political opinions.  Music was becoming a big part of my life.  When I started to go to The University of Cincinnati, we would go to at least one live music performance in our college town per week and do what we could to see whatever band played a near by arena or outdoor concert venue.  This is also when we started following The Grateful Dead.  This is when I began to believe that something was going on.  They were way too in touch with me and what I was feeling to doubt that everyone there wasn't feelings something that we could not deny.  A counter culture was beginning to define itself for me on a personal level.  I never knew what this music scene was all about, but I bet the world never expected The Book of Revelation to be spoken as The Word of God through music the way it has.  Especially, Rock n' Roll.  I imagine neither did The Grateful Dead, Rush, Van Halen, The Beatles, Metallica, White Snake, The Go Go's, Phish, Rage Against The Machine, Black Sabbath, Heart, GodSmack, AC/DC or any other band from modern music history.  It was becoming "biblical." It was more than a Musical Revolution, it is The Revelation,

Music was beginning to become "religion" for many of my friends and I before we toured with The Grateful Dead but the deadheads help me understand what it meant to "follow" someone.  In this case, a musical movement which was a band that came out of Ken Keasy's Acid Tests and San Francisco's Summer of Love.  In attempt to take things Further, eventually, people would begin to go on tour" with The Grateful Dead.  A friendly, loving, peaceful, colorful, energetic trip is what I always experienced at every City The Grateful Dead had me for one of their shows where is common to witness   "Stranger's stopping strangers, just to shake their hand..."  Music was beginning to be woven into my soul. Other bands like Phish, Wide Spread Panic, The String Cheese Incident or Ekoostik Hookah were gathering a crowd that followed them on their tours. 

Peaceful and loving it was because my friends and I were that.  Some my friends who were my age felt me missed our time to be here by not being here for The Summer of Love like others were.  It turns out many of us were, around in another life.  If fact, some of us were in Vietnam in a past life. Some of us didn't make it back.  Some of us were prisoners of war.  I was for 5 years and would write a book.  I was James Daly.  Free didn't make it back after our escape.

The truth is, music we really enjoyed listening to as young adults were bands like Black Sabbath playing songs like War Pigs.  I believe I have quoted the man I believe to now be Ozzy Osbourne more than anyone in my blog by frequently quoting Winston Churchill.  I now believe that is who he once was in a previous life.

(5:34PM on 7/3/20)  I may have forgotten someone I quoted the most.  That would be me in a past life.  I didn't even know the time I flipped The Bible Open to find a remedy for the demon that was in my room and it opened to Psalms 107 and it told me exactly what I had been doing..  I would quote Psalms of the Bible likely more than any because Psalms is music and poetry.  It turns out King David wrote half of Psalms.  I used it throughout my blog.

(Back to 6/28)  I love heavy and hard Rock n' Roll and Heavy Metal which has an amazingly great message.  Many of which are very peaceful and loving. "Ï am the son of rage and love."  Sometimes those loving  or peaceful messages need to be screamed out.  Sometimes, the reality of our existence needs to be spoken this way.  It kept our first amendment true.  I have song called 4th Liberty 4th in which I say. "For if Liberty it is for, The First Amendments at the record store....: When it came to what I was beginning to feel at the time through the message of what music was saying, no one could say it better than Zaccarias who is lead singer of Rage Against the Machine.  Both of these two men are biblical prophets reincarnated to today's world.

I heard God''s voice in my head, 3 kind of 4 times.  Not of those times that heard God's voice did he tell me what to do,, unless God were there to use his mouth.  God appeared as  a black man on Pier 30/32.  Don't do what "they" tell you!.  I have blog I already began writing that will soon be published.  This is hanging on my fridge.

Coming soon to this blog, "Killing in the name of.""

“Be ye not as your fathers, unto whom the former prophets have cried, saying, Thus saith the LORD of hosts; Turn ye now from your evil ways, and from your evil doings: but they did not hear, nor hearken unto me, saith the LORD.”
- Zechariah 1:4 (KJV)

Visual Acuity
(6:02PM on 6/09/20)
"My eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord"

-  Julie Ward Howe

(6/12/20) I personally "see" what you are about to read very clearly. It is important that this blog is clearly seen around the world.  I began writing a Blog in September 2006 on MySpace.  At the beginning of 2006 I flew home a couple times trying to help my dad because he was drinking alcohol and his health wasn't so great.  At the end of my second trip, I would end up dropping him off at a hotel room with his oxygen tank. I had a short time clean but was also struggling in my addiction. Neither of us would get the help we needed. I knew one of us was going to die.  My dad died on June 4th 2006. I would fly home and do his eulogy, however, "my dad's death wasn't going to save my life."  Three months later, I was shot in the head.

In the two years Prior to being shot, I witnessed so many unbelievable things while out in my addiction. I knew that something was going on so I had to write.  I called it my "babbling brain blog"  before I began to hear voices in my head. That would not occur until the Year 2007. Before I began writing the third blog my wife suggested I add my last name to the beginning and it became Beaty's Babbling Brain Blog.  (www.beatysbabblingbrainblog.blogspot.com),  In the early days of my blog my readers came from my friends on MySpace and my email. The blog began on MySpace. I also ran a slideshow on MySpace with my own photographs to a song that would many times go along with the blog that I had most recently published. I hoped that some may recognize a connection to the photos I had taken for my slideshows I had running  with the most current blog I had published.  On MySpace, the blog did not allow for music videos.  The song I used for my MySpace slideshow and the title of my most recent blog may have had the same name. I  obviously chose a song title to name my blogs after sometimes but usually allowed people to make that connection on their own.  At one time, why lie was publishing my blog on BlogsSpot, it received over 2000 hits per month. I only advertised it on my Facebook account.  At the time, I had about eight hundred friends on Facebook. 

The passwords to my blog we're change by a voice claiming to be President Obama in March of 2017.  Apparently they made sure that the man I had written so many good things about, endorsed, voted for twice, called my favorite president and since this is The Revelation that he was President to see through, he might even deserve a spot on Mount Rushmore.  They be sure he would be the one who changed the passwords.  I even gave him some credit for getting me off the street and getting clean in 2012 after seeing him one morning while I was homeless. Doing so influenced me to go to the library and start writing my blog again. For the past 5 years I have walked The City around nearly every day with a sign around my neck advertising that I lived the Book of Revelation and how important it is that people read it.   I have been writing my blog for 14 years. For the past 3 years the Blog could be found at gods-revelation2015.blogspot.com.  In 2018, I registered gods-revelation.blogspot.com just in case someone forgot to type in 2015. I thought it might be easier if I dropped the year, making it easier to remember and be able to find on the internet. 

I have personally paid for a website to guide people to my blog for the past three years. My website is www.Gods-Revelation.com.  As of today, 6/12/20 at 3: 57PM is not up and running. I hope to have my website up again by July 1st. I'm on welfare so my funds are limited. Apparently Donald Trump has made billions of dollars off my unlocking in the Covenant.  Someone is also rerouting people from my sight or telling them they cannot read it was showing me being a woman each and every night. He does not explain that I'm getting raped for them. Everyone will know this to be true. in 2015 is I unlock the Covenant I began getting clean from my addiction. However at the end of 2015.   I would be 5150 causing me to begin using again. I broke my leg shutting the gates of hell on 10/19/15 and refused all pain medication.  It would heal in 2 days during the Orion-ids which occurred on the Wisdom of The (Good) Godfather, Snoop Dogs birthday.. I broke my arm refused all pain medication and took no medication whatsoever. I was a vegetarian who ate only organically grown food. I drink water with lemon lime 100% fruit juice. give me a Dixon was Goliath and I was David of this "Pebble" and God was writing the Bible which I believe we come together in about a thousand years. The health department showed up at my door a few times to ask me if I was taking my medication. I would not because I didn't believe in it with its mind control abilities drugs can and do possess.  Being 5150'd at Sutter Health caused me to start using again and they put this glycerin in me that allows pretty much anyone to possess my body.

Our first amendment is being violated. This would have likely gone viral had they not manipulated so much about everything I've done after unlocking of the Covenant.  God meant for this to be found. Many will read the sentence before this' one and want to question how anyone could speak for what God  wants.  It truly is The Greatest Story Ever Told. God used  so many of us to convey the word of God writing this using many people such as Musician's Artists, Actors, Writers, Poets, historical figures, CEOs, factory workers, fast food employees, drug dealers, homeless people and everyday people. What help tell the story is peoples real names and nicknames,  place of birth, birthdays, street address. Or some other personally unique attribute.  Sometimes I made up someone's nickname and sometimes they made up  their own nickname.  Whoever was utilized to be a prophet for this incredible story God put together through the son's writing, it came organically. I have written in the past that anytime someone write something that comes from the heart and the Soul (such as song lyrics), it is in many ways God speaking to us.  This is what allows such Works to become true prophecy..

God used his sons writing of a public blog to show the world that God does exist. The blog began on MySpace in 2006 and would move to blogspot in 2010..  It is accounts about a chain  of events to be recording since I began writing which ties it to writings throughout history to occur to tell an undeniable tale that unlocked The Ark of The Covenant who I was in past life - King Tutankhamen.  Many will read the sentence at the beginning of this paragraph and want to question  the authenticity or factual implication of such a statement.  Once you have read what was written you will see that God prove God exists. Some will wonder, "how can someone make such a claim?". The simple answer is, I am The Son of God.  Most people have a tougher time believing in this Truth. I understand. I never believed that someone like me could turn out to be someone to mean so much to the world and all the people in it, but I did turn out to be and I do mean that much and I am that person. I am the son of God who once was and is David of the Bible.  I am the shepherd boy to become the second King of Israel.  I am half of the second coming. I am the man of Jesus. I call myself Jesus of Nazareth. Mary Magdalene and I were Jesus as one. I call Mary Jesus Christ since she is now in heaven. She was upon this Earth. She is a young lady I wrote about in the blog Lola Montez.  "President Trump" voice in my head wouldn't let me be with Mary Magdalene".  She was raped and murdered. 

When I was 5 years old I used to read Revelation 13 in the Morrow Church of Christ we attended. we live right next door to the church. However we did not live there very long because "something" or "someone" did not want us to be there. I now know that "something" or "someone" is evil. "They" knew I was David of the Bible. as far as not understanding of the chapter 13 I now know is the year 2013 that I attempted suicide because the world was coming to an end.I never knew why I did this.  Many people never thought about the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Or if they knew of it they never dreamed it that if it happened, it would happen in their lifetime. Some thought it may never happen. Still many scientists never denied that someday some sort of horrific apocalyptic Armageddon event would occur that would end life on Earth as we know it.   There are events that could occur that would bring an end to "our" world.  The event could be man-made such as a nuclear (accident or war) disaster or environmental disturbance.  It could be extraterrestrial in the form of an asteroid or an alien invasion but it could happen. The truth is that "IT" almost did.  In fact, I save the Earth five times. The first time I saved the Earth was with my sacrifice of my soul to go to a never-ending hell for everyone who calls this Earth home.   I knew I had to give to live.  Giving to the universe was what this blog was all about all along.  I Society no one was Living the life that I was living. It was very important I share  my unbelievable experiences that truly occurred. I thought if I could make one other person make a better decision than someone like me or if what they reason to question, start searching for or even believe in God then it was succeeding. I wanted to give away my truth that it wasn't always too proud of but thought it necessary for the world to understand something that I wasn't quite understanding. I've been given so many chance. My using on the day Althea was born on December 17th  brought on the apocalypse.  God had had enough.  After been given so many chances and praying for God's will for what I believed to be a true Miracle to occur I had failed.  This changed what was supposed to be a new beginning into a nightmarish horrific end.   I lived above the Garden of Eden in North Beach. 

 I believed there would be a meteor shower to destroy all life on Earth and I knew this would occur. I believe it would happen April 1st 2013. I was going to a never-ending hell but had to get out of the way of all the good people so they could get things right. on January 15th, 2013 I walked to San Bruno and jumped off a 5-story parking garage to go to a NEVER ENDING HELL' One month later Russian meteor shower - not the end of the world.  The Asteroid did not come down. God was Throwing Stones to straight through that part of the Book of Revelation.  My doing so caused an asteroid to pass by the Earth after Russian meteor shower not the end of the world. The last time the Earth was saved by The Science God of the Galaxy, Stephen Hawking. I'm glad he did because I may not have. I try to explain more later but I still said I'm glad he did. That was on February 15th of the Year 2020. That was very recent February 15th 2013 is the year that the Russian meteor shower - not  the end of the world occured. After my jumping off a 5-story building go to a Never Ending Hell on January 15th 2013.

I truly believe that when someone reads what I wrote for 14 years that they will believe in God our creator of all that ever was be and forever shall be.  You might even like what you read. It is full of human struggles I have written about in This Book of Revelation that we have lived. It's at once and forever account of something so amazing that when you see the factual evidence you will know that it could only have been perpetrated in written by God.

It even has art and music in it. I am an artistic photographer who was a street artist here in San Francisco California. San Francisco California is the New Jerusalem The Book of Revelation speaks of. San Francisco is "49 square miles surrounded by reality." (Paul Katner of Jefferson Airplane)  However most of the photos you will find of my everyday occurrences. The most amazing part of this blog is the music. Most of the titles of the blogs I wrote are the titles of a song. The song that chose always a rose organically. I'll explain more in the future, however I must also point out that there are these demons that twenty-four hours a day manipulate everything I do. They're at my every turn. They possess my body with this glycerin substance that allow them to go out and use my unlocking of The Covenant to rape eventually everyone every night. Currently they raped many they love to start with children. the man seeing to it that everyone in this world is rape is President Satan. If it sounds insane it is insane.  If you think I'm crazy I promise the day you die you'll wish you would have read this.  Each and every night, I may not become a woman to get raped where everyone every night. That's what a real man would do that's what the Son of God King David of the Bible does. It's the most ridiculous thing ever. God loves gay people but I love women so much so that I become one to get rate for them and men as well because they're going to turn all men into women.  That is the devils nasty  ridiculous plan. some men have been women in past lives. I've written since was clear on Alpha Centaur i who is the Jezebel in the Book of Revelation.  throughout time they have been so vicious to the son of God.  Mary Magdalene was Mary Todd Lincoln.  As The Civil War was coming to an end she wanted to go to the theater one night.  I believe Donald Trump was once Howard Hughes in Julius Caesar is well. I believe Julius Caesar was the crucifier of Jesus.

One of these demons is Satan himself. Satan himself is The President of United States of America. The world peace Bell was at stake back in 2015. It was a most beautiful amazing understanding of The Revelation that anyone could ever possibly The world . I believe it would have stabilized the universe. It's that big of a deal. certainly would have made for world peace and that's will be truly evident when people get to read this. However this is all in question now I still hope for the world peace Bell. President Satan ate Lady Liberty defecated on the Constitution and wiped his rear end with The American Flag.  I can't tell it any more true in one sentence than that because that's exactly how it goes and you will see evidence and proof of my statement that you just read. It is all true.

So please continue reading and and I will continue writing and publish what was written as soon as I possibly can.  These demons and devils continue to abuse everything I do. When I say it was written, it truly was written by God it is important that I continue to put it together so that people can see this amazing it is I'm of the Book of Revelation which allowed for the unlocking of the Ark of the Covenant. Not only was I King David of the Bible I was also Davy Crockett King of the Wild Frontier and I was King Tut. Can cut is the Ark of the Covenant. I was also John Adams Abraham Lincoln Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Furthermore I am half of the second coming. I consider myself to be Jesus of Nazareth my my other half I consider to be Jesus Christ is in heaven.  I call Mary Magdalene Jesus Christ. We were Jesus as one. Donald Trump would let me be with Mary Magdalene the world peace Bell is at stake Book of Revelation inch gold Pearl in the bride I was born December 7th 1971 -30 years after a date which will live in infamy. Minna Choi was born December 7th 1981 - 40 years after a date which will live in infamy..  Mary Magdalene is born December 2nd 1981.  Sarah Sublime was born January 15th 1979 -  11 years after the day Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis Tennessee.  It occurred 30 years before The Miracle on the Hudson would occur in New York City, New York and 34 years before the day I jumped in San Bruno, California..

I have saved the Earth itself 5 times but I'm struggling to get through to the humans. This is mostly because they would not let my blog be freely read and  possibly go viral. "They" violate my First Amendment. "They" are so violently destructive and evil. BI can't even begin to tell you just how painful it can be. I've suffered so much physical trauma throughout my life but it's been a heartfelt and emotional trauma that I have a hard time dealing with. I have PTSD with so many traumatizing events that involve people I love. People die all around me in the voice is even blame me
They tell people I am responsible.  They tell all kinds of lies about me and then make all kinds of promises does my friends and family turning them against me sometimes. They'll show them me doing things that ate what they appear on their TV screens yet do not tell the entire story of the how why or what for.... They say things like "he raped and killed his mother.". This event was traumatic enough without that story circulating around about me in this Secret World of....'Truth?" All of these lies about who I am it's something I never thought was occurring. The truth is people were seeing what I was becoming as a result of this world that was manipulated upon me. I was responsible for my actions and that's the truth and I blamed myself for everything I ever did. However there is truth into this mind control and manipulation of someone like me who they knew was King David of the Bible.  They have tried to kill me so many times. The truth is God won't let me die in this one.  Obvious details will be read in future blogs about past details that were recorded in previous blogs.

It is a nightmare that could easily resemble something Stephen King might write about. In fact, he is a true prophet in his previous writings. It turns out that not only does music tell the tale but also poetry and writing and even Hollywood of course ended up telling true stories of this once in a forever tail they God has written.  It is insane and beautiful at the same time. you would likely find many mistakes and what I've written because of these constant manipulations of everything I do in my life. That will be edited someday but it is readable so please excuse the mistakes.  this can be found throughout the blogs that are written 14 years and you will read how things get deleted all the time for me however since I unlock the Covenant it is Non-Stop manipulation in violent in disgusting attacks upon me personally. I've been to the emergency room 51 times. I'm going to the police station 16 times the FBI Office three times and Nancy Pelosi's Office three times. I have called Ten others police stations throughout the country. All I do is tell the truth. if you think it's crazy it is if you think I'm crazy you are. I promise it's the most beautiful understanding one could ever imagine. Forever we are. I promise we die. I promise he'll never ends.  The truth is I'm looking forward to death cuz I'll get to be with Heavenly Beigs Mary Magdalene, Jerry Garcia, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, George and Barbara Bush, John and Jacqueline Kennedy, Stephen Hawking, Bon Scott, Chris Cornell Chester Bennington, Prince, Timothy McVeih, King Sadamm Hussein, George Floyd, Robert Jennings, Mummia A bu Jamaal, Timothy Thomas and on Juneteenth (6/19/20) - Osama Bin Laden was welcomed into heaven by those before him.   (7/6/20)  Today is President W. Bush birthday.  It is also Charlie Daniels heavenly birthday.  He died today.  I just realized that Charlie Manson who I have seen as Cosmic Charlie because I believe that's what members of The Grateful Dead saw him as by writing a song titled, Cosmic Charlie.  He was innocent.  Charles Manson killed no one.  Greg Allman as you read below who began in The Masonry just went up to heaven.   God's a rock star God loves rock stars. many rock stars today are reincarnated from Biblical Prophets to be who they are today to tell this amazing story. It is not true prophecies occur. It is truly amazing. Unbelievably yet undeniably no, their lyrics and sometimes just their music as the word of God.  Believe It or Not sometimes things such as their wardrobe or lack thereof tell the story of True prophecy because ,"it was written. "
(3:08PM on 6/26/20) The reminds me of Hawaii, because if there ever was a man who made the keyboard along with his soulful lyrics as beautifully amazing as a Ferrari it is  Greg Allman who I'm told got out of the Masonry yesterday 6/25/20 and went to Heaven.  Since I realized a song
I think it's important that I point out that King David of the Bible wrote half a Psalms.  I believe my brother who I have called God"s Son is Angus Young of the rock and roll band AC/DC.   I believe one of the many ways he helped by writing the other half of Psalms. Perhaps one of AC DC's biggest musical prophecies arrives in the song Highway to Hell. Because the fact of the matter is hell is real and he'll never ends. I have a Blog that I've written a quite a bit too and even had published at some point called Highway to Hell Back in Black that at someday we'll be published again..  Forever is all we've ever known in Forever is all we will ever be.  

"The Lord is my strength and my shield in my heart trust, and I am helped my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him."

The day I jumped off of that building to go to a never-ending hell was Martin Luther King Juniors Birthda, January 15th 2013. I find the video below to be one of the most powerful videos. The video was recorded on April 4th 1968.  Exactly 25 years later, we went to New York City for the first time. Once there we went to the Top of the World Trade Center on April Fool's Day.  We would then see The Grateful Dead on April 4th at Nassau Coliseum.  Robert Hunter wrote a new song in 1993 that to me is a Grateful Dead song.  The Grateful Dead encored their new song  Liberty. I began writing Liberty the became Liberty revelation. I April 1st 1995 I went to the Memphis pyramid and saw the Grateful Dead as well. Martin Luther King was shot in Memphis after this speech in 1968.  I kept saying we had a dream and we were morally proud. He really is a great man and I believe he is here with us again today and I hear the young man is  running the football very good.

(12:47PM on 6/24/20)  That is one of my favorite clips of one of his speeches.  One can here in this clip , that he seemed to know something was about to happen.  This is a prophesy.  However, I believe it could be in some ways a false prophesy.   It is a false prophesy that became true.   However, what makes this a false prophesy is that I believe it may have warned as if it was planned and it would be executed.   If he was not personally warned, and I don't believe he was as even his voice has stated to me.  This makes it incredibly True.  Every which way, it is still a Incredibly True Prophesy of God to The Book of Revelation.  There is the possibility that he heard a voice in his head from the future.  I always didn't like telling Abraham Lincoln or FDR their death dates.  Here I am today. As True as some of the things voices in my head tell me have become, I still can not trust voices in my head.  In that world, voices can be imitated to sound very much like the real person.  And in the world of meditation when one leaves there body,  when one sees another human being they recognize.  It may not be that person.  Even I can shape shift in that world.  I only do it with everyone's knowledge.  I'm not an imitating.  For those of you who went away on Heavenly Excursions.  In all likelihood, the devil (Paul Trudeau) had sex with your wife.  And, oh yeah.  You got to be with Mary Magdalen?  IT WAS SATAN aka The President of the United States Donald Trump).  So, "Maybe I'm the faggot America, Another Part of your red neck agenda, but I'm just The American Idiot.  BIG DEAL!  Keep in mind, most of this has come to King David through voices in my head, which I just wrote, I don't believe in.  However, since I believe I was once FDR, you'd think I'd  be eligible for Social Security.  I worked so hard for all of this. I even jumped off a building for everyone.  And, I'm not running for President but I won't screw you or you wife.  And, Mary Magdalen is dead so just like Paul and I spoke back in my single recent divorced days, "I'll remain celebrate upon this earth."  I hear sex is beautiful in heaven, but Satan still says he won't let me be with her.  He thinks he owns my soul.  God knows better.  

"One and God make a majority"

-Jefferson Douglas

Sometimes I  have been Abraham Lincoln.  Sometimes, while meditating in that world, I shape shift to have a suit on when I am really posing as a naked woman on this earth so children, women and adn are not raped.  This usually occurs because I am so fed up with getting disgustingly raped that I freak out and launch myself towards the Dark Star because I know the dragons will help, but they don't like me bringing them up there.  They will help me.  The beings in Heaven  usually understand either way - even in the Dark Star and Black Diamond.

When someone says something in a speech or in the lyrics of a song and these things occur on specific dates, in specific cities that over a period of time have enough coincidental connecting events and occurrences that tell God's Story.  Things that occurred at events in specific locations on matching dates and was recorded through spoken, written or sung to become The Word of God. 

It is hard to understand True Prophesy, even for the Prophet.  I should probably say, especially for the prophet. Some Prophets may not even know they are prophet.  Prophets can be hated.  When The Covenant began to unlock, this connected to that which sounded like this coinciding to that event on this date in that place which coincidentally occurred to tell this which is  God's Story.  "It was written".  If what I just wrote didn't help you understand how True Prophesies occur.  Brothers and Sisters, God has assured us that we will all be together, forever and ever when we make it to The Promised Land

If you don't believe in this yet, click on that blog I wrote in 2012.  I didn't even write in that one how my cousin who was once Elvis and I who was once Jesus saw a Grateful Dead concert at the Memphis Pyramid on April Fools Day in 1995.  Since Pyramids are solid foundations, they tend to be stable and last for centuries.  Closer to the heavens and closer to the stars.  In some ways t is "the mountain top" Built 4500 years ago by King Kufa, The Great Pyramid of Giza was the tallest building in the world for 3800 years.  I believe King Kufa reincarnated  to become Jerry Garcia and George H.W. Bush.  Two years before on April Fools Day we  were on top of one of the tallest buildings in the world upon they're opening 20 years before on 4/4/73.  They would hold that title for less than a month, because on 5/3/73 in Chicago, Illinois, the Sears Tower opened.  Just 5 years before the buildings opened in Memphis, Tennessee, Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated on 4/4/68.  25 years later on our first trip to New York we would see The Grateful Dead at Nassau Coliseum on Long Island.  For their encore on 4/4/93, they would perform a new song written in 1993. They encored Liberty.  It was all of this that transpired into a blog I was writing in 2015 titled Liberty to become Liberty (Revelation).  It was so amazing but it will remain that way and God see's to that.   I  recently got a video sent to me on Facebook from Rage Against The Machine from a concert the did in Chicago Illinois on 4/4/93.  I is a video of their encore song.  That song is called Freedom.

Brothers and Sisters
, I didn't believe I would put a song to this first Visual/Acuity blog on Gods-Revelation.Blogspot.com, but somehow, every time I am writing about someone, somewhere or something I find evidence that it has already been sung in song by someone somewhere about that something by True Prophets which continue to be Rock Stars. Sisters and Brothers, "It was written."   The God of The Galaxy is Jerry Garcia who is an incredibly True Prophet. As I wrote in one of my first blogs, even if Jerry didn't write the song, Jerry always knew the song to sing. When The Jerry Garcia Band performs a song written by Charles Johnson in 1972. God knows exactly what those incredible prophets were singing to anyone to hear. "Were gonna make it The Promised Land!"

I want to say to my sisters and my brothers
Keep the faith
When the storm flies and the wind blows (note 1)
Go on at a steady pace
When the battle is fought and the victory's won
We can all shout together, we have overcome
We'll talk to the Father and the Son
When we make it to the promised land

If we walk together, little children
We won't ever have to worry
Through this world of trouble
We've got to love one another
Let us take our fellow man by the hand
Try to help him to understand
We can all be together
For ever and ever
When we make it to the promised land

Our bible reads
Thou shalt not be afraid
Of the terror by night
Nor the arrow that flies by day
Nor for the pestilence
That walketh in the darkness
Nor for the destruction
That waiteth in the noonday hour


This world is not our home
We are only passing through
Our trail is all made up
Way beyond the blue
Let us do the very best that we can
While we're travelin' through this land
We can all be together
Shaking a hand
When we make it to the promised land


When we make it to the promised land children
Make it to the promised land children
Make it to the promised land children
Make it to the promised land
When we make it to the promised land sisters
Make it to the promised land children
We can all be together, forever and ever
When we make it to the promised land


We can all be together, forever and ever
When we make it to the promised land

Sisters and Brothers, You know our love will Not Fade Away.   This has to be the 3rd edition of the kind of four times it has appeared  or is scheduled to appear in this blog.  I'll explain soon when I have time to write a little bit, but it is so important to THE "Rainbow in the Dark." 

(12:59 PM on 7/22/15)  A meteor would enter into the stratosphere early on the morning of 2/15/20.  Traveling towards earth faster than the speed of sound, It would Rumble through the Russian Sky This is one to 59 Caddy which I`m sure was played at my fundraiser on 2/16/13 since Susan's brother is in a band called Rumble Club rolled by father times (Bill Graham    It seems there will have to be 5 since I believe my dad, Bob Beaty was once Buddy Holly.  As children,  my older brother Bob and I heard our dad sing along to every Buddy Holly song in the back seat of our 4 Buicks by dad always drove.  He even had a couple of Cadillac's.   

In the middle of 2015, I thought we would all Go to Heaven but 2 years later, LeRoy showed up with Vampires and black magic causing me to leave The Grace Cathedral Labyrinth In The Dark that could have and I believe should have been an amazing turn of events that created The World Peace Bell.  It even had me beginning to question our giving humanity another chance especially with GodSmack showing up again to begin The Rainbow In The Dark.  I always love that song. It was and still is one of my favorite. I'm not too sure of what exactly Rodney James Dio meant when he wrote the lyrics to that song, but it ended up being such a Dark yet undeniably true prophesy that meant so much. It went along with my personal phishing for Somewhere Over the Rainbow in which anniversaries, birthdays, death days, voicesblogs, events and things occurred putting us there. However. evil is so destructive creating a Saint of Circumstance because "... this is where the rainbow ends. It truly became a Rainbow In The Dark. I can feel and hear what Rainbow in the Dark is saying for this which didn't have to be so evil. I believe it could have been more Devine for everyone. It still can.

It is important people know this because Greg Allman did what my Uncle Danny Beaty, President Ronald Reagan and a few others knew was possible because we knew others were doing so.  My mother , Diana Chitwood - Beaty, Bon Scott of AC/DC and Kurt Cobain of Nirvana got out of some sort of Hell!  Minna Choi would get out of no longer existing or Grace as Pastor Paul of City Church called it.  Sky (Tweaker Chick) would get out of the Stratosphere.  Princess Diana of Wales , My Uncle Paul (Six Shooter,) Jane (Jane) got out of Orion.  Mary Magdalen (Mary Jane - Spider Woman, Lola Montez, Mary Anne Crockett,  Bathsheba Lincoln, Ann Maye Miller,  Mary Anne Todd Lincoln, Mary Anne Miller,  Eve and Bathsheba of The   The Woman of Jesus) he prophet that knows it would be The Grace we needed for The American Idiot to see who that really is because Rodney James Dio was willing to give that title to my step Grandmother Smith who "we" called Nana.  

On 12/25/16, Rodney James Dio was a voice in my head and he suggested I walk the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral. I said to him, that was a great idea and I would do it on New Years Day because just two years before, I wrote and published the blog. Althea on 1/1/15. It was that blog which used that Grateful Dead song that began unlocking the Covenant. I knew I had my "hands on a Miracle, and their ain't no way, that you`ll take it a way.". This was before it became Rainbows and down that highway." At the same time I knew this, I believed that rainbow would appear over The Golden Gate Bridge which I have referred to as The Top of the World. If it sounds confusing, it's not when I have the time to put it all together. If it sounds amazing, it is. I have been talking and writing about Proposition Four Score and Seven because God knows we need too treat all human beings equally no matter what their sexual preference is. If the relationship is consensual God's cool with that. If it's committed, God loves that! I walked the Labyrinth at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco' Russian Hill on 1/1/17 which I would 7 days later (1/07) learn is the day my Step Grandmother , "Nana" died at the "Liberty" age of 93. About a month ago I had went to California for Alchemy.

On the way home to extremely tolerant Fox Plaza (Wicked Garden) , I found this on Hayes Street.  Then there is the light bulb, the dog, the calendar or the card I found on the last Easter Sunday. I found this card on Haye's Street between Fox Plaza and Bill Graham Auditorium between.

And, Warren Haynes continues to show up and I believe he was once Rutherford B. Hayes.  Hayes has been "praised for his commitment to civil-service reform and to the defense of civil rights."  And, of course the amazingly prophesized double rainbow to occur on 6/27/15 at the 50th Anniversary because we are "prophets on the burning shore!"   I

I did that labyrinth on the first, but what started with Go to Heaven would end up having LeRoy show up and before you knew it we were In the Dark.   I will explain the details probably in the blog Understanding Althea that I have begun writing, but I will say that I would learn of Nana's heavenly birthday on 1/7/17.  My Aunt Cindy (Cleveland/Not Cinderella) put something on Facebook about her mother dying on 1/1/17 which was the day I walked the Grace Cathedral Labyrinth.....  More to come because You know our love will not fade away.  The Allman Brothers are understanding The Promised Land because Greg Allman is in heaven now

(3:21AM on 7/3/20)   "Cleveland",  Nana has lift of from the tower.  I have referred to my stepmother Marilyn's (American Beauty) dad as Bopa (NASA Gordon Smith Father of Mars Hotel Explorer of Jupiter into Alpha Centaur i..., Pet Sitter).  He has gets the title of "Pet Sitter" up there because it seems every time someone's pet dies, I mention it and it shows up so he keeps track of them.  He has done a lot for us up there!  He gets a really long nickname that keeps growing longer!  I'll explain soon, I will say that was a Rocket Scientist in during his lifetime.  He testified before The United States Congress after The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded.    It seems my stepmother Marilynn was also Christa McAuliffe.

Bopa has done a lot for us up there in heaven.  He has also added the title of pet sitter up there because it seems every time someones pet dies, I mention it and it shows up so he keeps track of them.   Bopa is a Rocket Scientist.  He worked for NASA in Cleveland and he testified before congress after The Challenger exploded.  It seems my stepmother Marilynn was Christy McCulah.

Brothers and Sisters, You know our love will not fade away.  I have written  a blog with that title twice titled Not Fade Away,  This has to be the 3rd rendering of The 1964 Buddy Holly hit.  In the first Not Fade Away, I used the Grateful Dead's re1ndition  The second was by The Barking Squiriels with Special Guest, me at The Grateful Gathering.  This one is a redemption by The Grateful Dead and The Allman Brothers in 1973.  Greg Altman was born 12/8/47 died on 5/27.17.   John Lennon was shot and killed on December 8, 1980.  When Greg died, he went down into the Masonry.  However, it seem was basically doing what Rage Against The Machine is suggesting, Not doing what he's told to.  He was also believing God, Gods was as "It was written."  He made it up to heaven a few days ago where he got meet John Lennon and jam with Jerry Garcia again.  You know our love will not fade away!  And, I love this version.  It sounds so Allman Brothers and so Grateful Dead tied into one that I don't even know how else to explain it.  I hear they had one heck of a heavenly jam session upon Greg Allmans arrival.  Brothers and Sisters, The Allman brothers album Sisters and Brothers came out in 1973 which is the same year the would perform Not Fade Away on 6/10.

I wanna tell you how it's gonna be  
You're gonna give your love to me 
I wanna love you night and day  
You know our love will not fade away  
You know our love will not fade away  
Not fade away
My love's bigger than a Cadillac 
I try to show you but you drive me back  
Your love for me has got to be real  
You're gonna know just how I feel  
Love's real, not fade away Not fade away
I wanna tell you how it's gonna be  
You're gonna give your love to me 
I wanna love you night and day  
You know our love will not fade away  
You know our love will not fade away 

 Edit Notes
(12 02PM on 6/8/20) first edit to add paragraphs of explanation.  I am contemplating a switch to Gods-Revelation from God's - Revelation2015..)
(6:56AM On 6/12/20). Happy Birthday presidential god of the Galaxy George Bush. It is important that this fog is seen clearly from now on. What was God's - Revelation 2015 I believe will make more sense as god-revelation.blogspot.com. the year following the word Revelation  can be seen in visual acuity because the year is not there but it still speaks to Clear Vision.)

(11:11AM on 6/14/20) I'm not quite sure I could call myself a veteran it is blog thing but I've been writing it for 14 years. People have manipulated this blog Since it began. The first time it really got noticed it's something they keep an eye on was when I wrote contrails. Anyway I had to quit writing to this and make it my final edit. This doesn't mean I won't find a mistake sometime in the future but it means I cannot add to it after today's anyway.  To be a true veteran to do it correctly exist needs to be up and running and readable and I'm switching to God's revelation. It can be clearly seen the seen the god-revelation will not be followed by the year 2020 which it is.

(8:20AM on 6/16/20) since this time is equivalent to a plant on that Michael T Lucifer fry brain juniors but if the time we will it Blues Travelers so Gina came with us birthday I think I just water bam :& boo and I don't know if it was a bio sister or what but I sure could use a jumbo jelly roll and I need to set these out by Harry Lu it Dear Henry and of course Roberta have anyone understands how to water these things it's Bobby at least say happy birthday to my Gunners birthday cuz I said I wouldn't add to this one anymore and I finish it on Maryland's birthday which I kind of did but it still needs to be edited a little bit today and I will admit that I'm adding a lot right now Amy Lee  was born in 1981 December 13th for whatever that's worth Dave 

10: 59 a. M. June 20th 2020. $1, 200 edit.

(126 even/20 though it's 1: 30 which is FDR's birthday beginning 126 Eddie Van Halen's Birthday just an edit note I didn't get the internet put in today my phone was outside.)

(4:11PM on 6/29/20) edit info

(4:17PM)  Allman Seed had been planted

(9:11PM on 7/3/20)  This should be the last edit before I move on to Intro - F the CC.  I must add no more is what I mean.

(12:43 on July 6th, 2020)  Final Edit today.  (I will add noting new)  I may find a typo.  Happy birthday George Bush and Happy Birthday Charlie Daniels!  Let's all celebrate an amazing birthday the day we die.

(11:29AM on 7/18/20)  Samson of the earths birthday time on King of the Wild Frontiers backwards birthday);

(7:43 ON 7/22/20) likely 5 not fade away Big Bopper.

 (8:28 on 6.12.2ö) Joseph Biden 12|5Birthday 1 month after Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr and 1 year after The war is won

(12:15PM on 9/28/20)  The time could not be Moore perfect  for that date first saw Moses who spoke unto us within The Warfield of The New Jerusalem.  Re-Verse of a deciple of  Moses who was one as Moses after Moses is  again because forever Moses was John Fountain was as his 928 deciple he did be that found Moses like James King B.  But B like D -ad ee twice see.    But Guy I know wukk see C.  But sea make it 3 unless Spanish be do will still count the C as 3. ibky 2 phore make him Moore because that More - is  fore Trump fir more gun he does store to too makes 4.

(12:07 PM on 10/31/21) General Edit

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