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Civic Center - Liberty

(10:44AM on 3/1/21)  This somehow fits into my Masterpiece I'm "painting".  Unbelievably, I am painting my Masterpiece with words to my blog.   While my words are in fact True Prophesy, in reality it is a musicians lyrics that poetically paint The Word of God in a Masterpiece.  In the blog I wrote titled Masterpiece I wrote on April 26, 2012 which is officially 20 years following the LA Riots, I wrote about how a man I have nicknamed New Orleans (Nawhlens) was in fact a painter.  This kind man shows up a lot in my writings in 2012.  He used to help me out.  My ex-wife, Susan even knew him.  I had not seen him for a while. however, a month ago, I ran into him on the bus.    I thought my masterpiece may come from my photography, not necessarily my writing.  I still knew I had to write.  I times I even said my blog was "Biblical" but I never dreamed I was living The Book of Revelatoin.

Today is the first anniversary of my writing of a blog titled Liberty.  I wrote it pm 3/1/13.  I guess it resembles 2112 in some ways.   The fact that "They're building Empires" is something I never really saw as a bad thing, but when I hear Queensreich sing that song.  It sounded a little dark.  Actually, I heard it back then  I was in fact seeing it too, I just was not tuned into it like I am now.  "Tear it all down, we'll build it up again..." becomes photographically apparent in a photo that just perfectly fits into this blog.  I thought I'd be to New York by now.  Back, in 2015, I even thought I'd have a spring and Fall home in New York and a Summer and Winter in San Francisco  I don't mind The Civic Center.  In fact, I even like it, but I know longer live in The Civic Center neighborhood.  I am officially a TL resident.  I lived on Shakedown Street which I have referred to is the panhandle to the absolute zoo we call The Tenderloin (TL).  I can simply say it feels more like New York than anything out west to me, but New York, New York is New York, New York.

New York, New York is where Liberty soulfully began for me in 1993.  After leaving "the show", it felt like I just went to New York, New York.  I was hooked.,

The Grateful Dead performing Ramble on Rose at John F. Kennedy Stadium on 7/7/89  i Philadelphia PA.  I wrote Rose on D-Day (6/6/13) which is al the I was just sitting around here watching airplanes….) and wouldn't you know it, we might have saved Air Force One that day...  I said that maybe Roe has a song for this one.  Well, I think she likes Ramble on Rose but Rocket Queen by Guns and Roses also seems to fit pretty good.  Rose said she thinks that fits better for Minna.  Seeing as though the second time I would write a blog titled Liberty was on 7/  7/15, I find it appropriate That Ramble on Rose was performed in Philadelphia on that day in 1989.  We would go to Philadelphia tos see Further iI believe in 2003 and see them in Camden New Jersey on July 4th.  I wrote a song titled Philadelphia after that trip.  

The songs lyrics say , Standing in the streets of Philadelphia, listening to the people sayin' "Free Mumia", They say he didn't deserve to die,  It was the 4th of July.  The songs title would become 4th Liberty 4th and would back up to 10 years before on our first trip to New York City.  I could not wait to go ot the Empire State.  I loved tall buildings.  I could not wait to go to the top of The World Trade Center and The Empire State Building.  In fact, I drug our whole crowd to the top of both on the first trip. I had to see the view from atttop.  When we arrivec on 4/1/93, we were staying in The Holand Tunnel Motor lodge with complimentary xxx point 24/7.  The Path Subway Statino was in the mall nest door so we would go to ":the top of the song.which to me is Liberty.  I guess that would meke Empire The top of the Empire State building in my music way of thinking   We would go to he top of it the next day.

I had forgotten writing blog titled Liberty when I stated writing the one in 2015.  I 9/08/15, it became Liberty (Revelation)  I liked how somehow,8/8, 7/7, 6/6, 4/4.1/1and later 5/5 and then 3/3 would represent something .  I'll explain 10/10 and I know 11/11 is Veratrin's Day.  T  The only days of the consecutive number days of the month that need something to or is it 2 it is 2/2 and 12/12.  In 1993, The Grateful Dead would encore their brand new song titled Liberty at Nassau Coliseum.  

The future hold more detail, but just as Queensryche  was trying to point out, 

Black man, trapped again,
Holds his chain in his hand.
Brother killing brother for the profit of another.
Game point, nobody wins.".

 This even gets explained out through true musical acknowledge which eveb becomes prophesy with The Devils Right Hand by Johnny Cash

11:57AM on 3/3/21)  Edit and write?
17:17PM on 30421) Back when Miley Cyrus and I were communicating more frequently, I began noticing more words with  w down and revers numbers. For instance, I always saw 1134 as hEll (Hell).  I have noticed that one since I was your.  Appropriately enough , my Golden Penny count seems to be at 331. I  see 331 as April Fools Eve and Angus Young's birthday. Back in 2013, 3'31 was Easter Sunday.  My believe was that te world was to end on 4/1 -- April Fools Day which was Easter Monday.  It showed up early on 2/15/13, but Ezekiel would still show up on April Fools Day to show us that God was Throwing Stones and he is :""Perhaps God's Messenger on the side of the Rose Hotel on Minna Street,

Wage all of this so obvious when it is read, I can't believe that  
17:15PM on 3/04/21)  Back when Miley Cyrus and I were communicating quite 

(1:59PM on April 2nd 2021). Today is wavy gravies April fools Monday. It just so happens that April fools Monday is on Good Friday. I guess this means that whenever that occurs Easter Sunday is on April 4th which to me represents Liberty. April 4th has represented Liberty since 1993 for me in some ways even though it was forgotten for a while. I always love that song, but I had no idea after a while what date we saw the grateful Dead at Nassau coliseum in New York. We had gone to the top of the world trade center on April 1st or April fool's Day. And the grateful that encore that's on April 4th I had no idea that 25 years earlier is the exact date the World trade center complete on April 4th 1973 making them the tallest buildings in the world. They held that title for less than a month, because on May 3rd 1973 the Sears Tower was finished in Chicago. It just so happens that May 3rd was the day that the Eiffel Tower in Kings Island was completed in 1975 Kings Island Eiffel towers at 1/3 structure of the one in Paris. The one in Paris was once the color structure in the world. They were going to tear it down but somehow it remains standing. It seems periscountain me and Jerry Garcia had something to do with that at some point in the past life 4,500 years ago, the color structure in the world was the Great pyramid of Giza at 455 ft. It kept that title for 3800 years. On April fool's Day 1995 my cousin Kenny and I went to Memphis and saw the grateful Dead at the pyramid which is a modern day model if you will of the Great pyramid.m the Great pyramid of Giza was built by King Cooper who seems to have one's been Jerry Garcia and George Bush.

The tallest building in the world for many years was the empire State building is in New York New York which is known asthe empire State building is of course in the empire state New York New York

(4:59PM on 4/10/21200  i think it is important to point out that the only gun i have ever owned was a 4-10 riffle.  I shoot lots of guns growing up.  My favorite one to shoot was a 357.  I don't know why that information is so important right now.  The information may come tomorrow.  Probably nor, bur I do know some information I never knew until just a few moments ago.  I know who was on the dime before Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  I used to think it was David of the Bible and perhaps in some ways it is.  I hear he was a Roman God.  They just happen to call his Theological character Liberty.

(9:50PM on 5/29/21).  Well, today a voice would tell me that Mary Magdalen was shot at 6:57PM.   My first thought was,  that means it was 3:57PM at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.  For whatever that is worth.

Í guess “pirates showed up to try to destroy our Liberty and not allow us to be Free. Black Hole Sun is what may be in the works as it is now 6:54PM and I am just now getting to type this on an Open Office Document so the type is not delayed like it does when I am typing on the internet.. It took nine minutes from the time I pressed a key on my computer until it actually appeared as a letter.

My brothers are violently attacking me at this very moment. It is so frustrating, but all of these demons will not let up on King David who is The Man of Jesus and the Son of God “. (5/29/21) A voice claiming to be Free “attacked” me earlier today. I'm not sure who these Raiders of the Lost Ark are since I played a big part in unlocking The Ark of the Covenant, (Back to The Nazi's raided the Arc of The Covenant In 1923 when they raided King Tuts Tomb. It has developed into a bit of a nightmare.

“For God sent his son not to Condemn the world, but through him the world might be saved.”

  • John 3:17

I have saved the earth 10 times. It's humans I am struggling to save. March 17th is the day Bob Weir recorded an updated Liberty if you will. He had a young wrapper join him to fill in words seem to explain “events” that harm our Liberty in our attempt to be free. I will write more in the blog that will not follow this one, because I already published one. For now it is called Civic Center Liberty. They are building Empires. Still, I believe “in New York. I believe in Liberty. I want to be Free!\

Everyone will know some day just how unique the content of this blog is. I lived a once in forever occurrence which could have allowed everyone to go to heaven forever. “They"" (The New World Order an/or evil) have manipulated everything I do. "They" constantly delete what I write and also changed the passwords to my original blog. It was called Beaty's Babbling Brain Blog. At one point, I would set it up to earn some money, Ir had AdSense. I have had my 1st amendment violated by the US Propaganda Ministry by rerouting people from what I wrote or not allowing anyone to read it..

Everyone will know this true when they die. Heaven is forever. Hell never ends! I am The King David of the Bible who is The Son of God and The Man of Jesus. I am the second coming who lived The Book of Revelation. I sacrificed my soul to go to a NEVER ENDIG HELL for all of earths inhabitants. The asteroid not come down. I warned of a Pandemic before the Pandemic. I have saved the earth 10 times. THIS IS A WORLD EMERENCY. Please call me or email me at your convince. 4185-912-9138

David Beaty

King of The Bible

(11:31AM) It sounds as though a marching band just finished up when the Saints come Marching. IN. Ironically or I should of course say “coincidentally enough” I was speaking to President Ronald Reagan as it started. It is now 11:38, it ended at 11:34. These numbers speaks to me other coincidences that I notice. I see hElls Bells from those two times. Still, I have said over and over that President Reagan is a Saint. We even spoke of President Bush during our conversation. He too is a Saint. (5/29/21) Coincidentally enough it was during our conversation that I heard the drums and horns playing that song. It was coming from somewhere out the window. Apparently from the street, My view is the back of a bank, an old apartment building, a wing of this building, the back of St. Anthony;s and the back of St, Benefice. Oh yes, I see lots of garbage cans, I'm on the 3rd floor but it's really the fourth out back.. (back to 5/09/12)

It sounds like it's still going and their seems to he a protest of sorts connected to it

5:09PM on 5/9/21( So now that I am back in my apartment, I seemed to have learned perhaps that Ronald Reagan's voice might have been Donald Trump's voice. But, just like that song was “saying” :The Saints are Cooing” They were. Apparently, Donald Trump said he and George Bush showed up for him because they are the Saints that he may have been impersonating. This is so frustrating to me. Yesterday it was Mary Magdalene they were pretending to be. I've said it before that True Prophesy does not come from voices in my head. This does not mean that voices in my head to not lead to false Prophesy that are in fact True. I have been told of things that were going to happen, before they happen that did in fact happen. However, it has usually been signs that point to such a possible events and can even be backed by voices in my head who are aware of such a creation of an event. Where the real true prophesy comes from is when someone for instance sings of something or recreates or acts out an occurrence that has yet to occur that fits perfectly into this book of revelation blueprint that the son happens to living through that I can't really explain. How 509 Minna Street became so understood from the time of King Kufa's Giza is in reverse the Graffiti of a Firebird on Mary Street across form 415 Natoma that wasn't there yet. Being born 40 years after a date which will live in infamy \

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