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Thursday, February 18, 2021

I am placin this unedited letter on my blog simply becuae I don't think Donald Tump lets them get my emiuals and my brother clamis to disrupt my printer.  They have been so violent to me want me totya at Fox Plaza.  It is all TRUE.  It is VERY PANFUL>.

I would like to challenge the decision to be moved from Fox PlazaP. I know it was said hat  I was willing to move out, because it seems I had no other choice. I am very grateful to Fox Plaza, Brilliant bCorners and more recently, The EDC. They have been very kind and have even written good things about Fox Plaza. What I hoped would come from this is the much bigger picture to the world and to the Universe. When I say I am The Son of God who is King David of the Bible and The Man of Jesus, God knows this is true. Everyone upon this earth will know this is true. Everyone dies and I know life continues for everyone forever. Hell NEVER END. This could be the end of. .It is so important this be recognized. I warned of a Pandemic over a year ago many months before it happened. 

 I believe it's not even really Covid, but it is this Glycerin that possesses my body and violently attacks and rapes me all day and night long. I think when the world is allowed to know they much better chance of death leading to heaven or hell they may take what was written seriously.  Our 1st Amendment is being violated because they use so many tactics to keep people from ever reading my blog I have been writing for 15 years.  They disrupt everything I do, especially when I am writing.

Back in 2015 after Paul Trudeau and Donald Trump had me 5150'd at Sutter Health, I kept saying this WAS A WORLD EMERGENCY! It is now more than ever. Human beingd care that I have worked overtime for the world. I try to carry one of my signs advertising my blog every day for 5 years.  
Death personally surrounds me.  Someone who I can truly call my best friends wife just died on 2/15/21. Unfortunately fitting to The Book of Revelation, This is the day that The Meteer Shower I knew was on the way occurred in which the Asteroid did not come down because this crazy drug addict (me) sacrificed his soul to go to a Never-Ending Hell so all good people of the earth could spend forever in heaven. Fittingly enough her name is Susan which is the name of my ex-wife who is The Mother of Althea who would unlock the covenant through music which is The Word of God.  King David of the Bible wrote  1/2 of Psalms which is music and poetry. Most of the over 300 blogs I published were connected to music in which somehow connected organically to what was written and the lyrics would eventually become The Word of God for everyone to notice. I wrote Beatys BabblingBrain Blog for 11 years= and it got about 2000hit a month from just my Facebook friends. Ther passwords were changed in 2012 and it became Gods-Revelation., zIt gets so few readers thanks to The Propaganda ministry of United Sttews conttolfing the media They eill not allow people to read what God wrote through his only begotten son. It is so obious thorugh dates , tiems, historical events and musid and hollywood truly prophesizing event to prove God exists. That is what the book of revealtion does, it proves God exists. And so much moierw.

This glycerin substance that possesses  me allows so many you disrupt, violently attack and rape me an time they want.  Donald Trump haw them work hourly shifts and so many can't wait to get there turn to rape me.  It os discussing.  They also use my body to go away on heatedly excursions.  I need this glycerin substance recognize and I deserve my 4th Amendment Right to Privacy.  I don't think it  makes sense to "punish" someone for getting violetnly attacked and raped fof everyone for 5 years.  This is apartment is my dream come true.  I belie in Fox Plaza and love it and so too does God.  I think Donald Trump and Paul Trudeau who need King David out of Fox Plaza.  

Please consider letting me stary at FoxPlaza.  Either way, It IS HISTORY!

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